Bonell & Associates Inc. Located at 550 Queen St W, SAULT STE. MARIE,Ontario, P6A 1A6, , Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. .

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Bonell & Associates Inc.

About Bonell & Associates Inc.

Bonell & Associates Inc. registered place of business address in record is: 550 Queen St W, SAULT STE. MARIE,Ontario, P6A 1A6, , Sault Ste. Marie - P6A 1A6, Ontario

Company Name Bonell & Associates Inc.
Establishment Number 234567115021
Website Visit Bonell & Associates Inc. Website
Phone 705-943-3403
Established Year -
Province Ontario
Address 550 Queen St W, SAULT STE. MARIE,Ontario, P6A 1A6, , Sault Ste. Marie - P6A 1A6, Ontario, Canada
Business Activity Trading House / Wholesaler / Agent and Distributor
Conatct Person Robert Bonell (President)
Phone Number 705-943-3403
Fax Number
Country of Ownership Canada
Bonell & Associates Inc. Company Services
ServiceService Description
CPR Tools TyphoonBuilt-in support for most common storage device interfaces including: SATA, PATA, SAS, SCSI, USB 3.0, as well as an ExpressCard slot for limitless expansion capabilities (eSATA, FireWire, Compact Flash, SD, xD, MMC, etc…) Concerned with image file compatibility? The Typhoon supports the widely accepted Advanced Forensic File (AFF) image format. Compressed image support is also provided. For More Info Call 705 575 8245
CRU DataPort FORENSIC FIELD KITField Kit "A" is the smallest (and most portable) available. It includes a tough water-resistant Pelican case and custom foam with slots for a DriveDock and up to six Combo Adapters. Field Kit "A0" is sold empty (so that you may add your own adapters) or with adapters. For preconfigured kits, see A1 or A2. More info about kit A-0 Kit "A-3" comes with a Forensic UltraDock and six v4 Combo Adapters -- everything you need to acquire data in the field from a large variety of hard drives, including 2.5 & 3.5-inch PATA or SATA drives, 1.0-inch MicroDrives, CompactFlash modules, SD cards, 1.8-inch drives, and ZIF drives. More info about kit A-3 Kit "A-4" includes everything from kit A-1, plus a USB WriteBlocker for access to USB thumb drives and many other USB mass storage devices
CRU DataPort Forensic RTX Drive EnclosuresFORENSIC RTX Portable write-blocked access for SATA or PATA drives 1st and 3rd bay are write blocked Desktop-based storage enclosure allows investigators to examine 3.5" IDE / PATA or SATA drives write-blocked bays and copy data onto SATA drives. Use the unit in the lab, or carry it with the heavy-duty handle that allows for easy transport. Write-blocked drive bays prevent data from being written back to the drive. Write-block support is provided via WiebeTech's proprietary write-block technology that offers easy read-only access to suspect hard drives through high speed FireWire 800 (400 compatible), USB2, or eSATA interfaces. WiebeTech's write-block technology is compatible with forensic acquisition and analysis software. Each bay offers both dual FireWire 800 (400 compatible) and single USB and eSATA ports. New Feature - HPA/DCO detection now included Various software applications exist which allow a user to create or modify a Host Protected Area (HPA) or Device Configuration Overlay (DCO) table on a hard drive. Drives 1 and 3, write-blocked for forensic analysis, will also report the existance of these otherwise hidden areas. TrayFree Technology available on the three SATA bays. Slide in a SATA drive shut the door. No screws, no trays,All four bays offer a lock for additional security, three SATA bays have shock protection for longer drive life. An aluminum case provides excellent heat dissipation and rugged durability. 1st bay is either IDE/PATA (410 version) or SATA (411 version) 3rd bay is SATA 2nd and 4th (SATA) bays are read/write for captured data WiebeTech's trusted proprietary write-blocked technology ensures zero writes back to the Device(s) Under Capture Easily swap in new drives for unlimited capacity SATA bays are shock absorbing for drive protection. Sturdy, all-metal construction Handle for easy transport
CRU DataPort Weibitech Combo Adapters for HDDsV4 Combo Adapters Attach Small Drives Introducing v4 Combo Adapters WiebeTech has revised its popular family of Combo Adapters to work better than ever with the fourth generation of DriveDocks. Each adapter has been completely redesigned to make it sleeker and easier to use. Just attach a v4 Combo Adapter to your UltraDock v4, and access many kinds of drives. New v4 Combo Adapter Features: The new shrouded IDE interface connector helps protect the delicate IDE pins while connecting the adapter to the dock. The IDE interface now faces upward for better accessibility. The adapters now share a smaller, more consistent size. The SATA adapter has been streamlined to 25% its former size! There's also a brand new addition to the family that allows access to 1.8" Hitachi ZIF drives (p/n ADAv4-18-HIT-ZIF). Toshiba 1.8 inch drives (the type used in many iPods) Order code: 31000-1099-0000 SATA drives, either 2.5 or 3.5 inch size Order code: 31000-1030-0000 2.5 inch Notebook Drives and Hitachi 1.8 inch drives Order code: 31000-1001-0000 PCCARD drives, as used in PCMCIA slots, and PCMCIA adapters for Compact Flash, Sony Memory Stick, SD, MC Order code: 31000-1093-0000 Hitachi 1.8 inch ZIF drives Order code: 31000-1097-0000 v4 Combo Adapter Kit #1, with 5 adapters (-SATA, -25, -MCB, -18-TOSH, -18-HIT-ZIF) Order code: 31100-0000-0001 v4 Combo Adapter Kit #2, with 5 adapters in a Pelican case (-SATA, -25, -MCB, -18-TOSH, -18-HIT- ZIF) Order code: 31100-0000-0002 1.8 inch Toshiba ZIF drives Order code: 31000-1098-0000 Disk on Module (DOM) drives Order code: 31000-1094-0000 v4 Combo Adapter Kit #4, w/7 adapters (-SATA, -25, -MCB, -18-TOSH, -18-HIT-ZIF, -18-TOSH-ZIF, -DOM) Order code: 31100-0000-0004 SATA, PATA, & USB types of mini PCIe Order code: 31000-1091-0000
CRU-DataPort WeibeTech - RTX 4 tray SATA BAYS4 TrayFree™ SATA bays TrayFree bays Up to 320 MB/s (configuration dependant) Up to 12TB With 3TB Drives RAID 0, 1, 0 1, 3, 5, 6 & JBOD TrayFree™ Trayless Technology for RTX™ Enclosures WiebeTech's TrayFree bays make adding drives a breeze. It really is as easy as opening the door, sliding the drive in, and closing the door. No screws, no trays, it just works. Sorta Like Floppy Disks, but Better JBOD (Just a Bunch of Disks) RTX enclosures, such as parts ending in SJ, NJ, and SV units, bring back an old familiarity to computing - the mentality we had with floppy disks. The great thing about floppies was certainly not the polite 1.4MB of storage space... but do you remember when you could keep a pile of floppy disks hanging around, and pop one in whenever you need it? It's becoming more and more common to have piles of hard drives with data you need to access quickly. The RTX line allows you to think about hard drives in that same old way: Pop them in and access the contents without fussing with the enclosure or even a tray. With RTX TrayFree™ technology, loading a SATA drive takes only a few seconds. FireWire JBOD RTX400H-QJ -- View specs 4 TrayFree bays 4 FireWire 800 (400 Compatible) ports - one for each bay 4 USB 2 ports - one for each bay 4 eSATA - one for each bay Up to 50 MB/s per bay Shock Absorbing Bays Separate key lock for each HDD Software RAIDable (RAID 0/1 built in to Mac OS X) RAIDable on Windows with 4 port SATA PCI card with hardware RAID capabilities - our part number, PCI-10 JBOD only Upgrade to RTX400H-QJ and get All-Metal Bays! iSCSI RAID RTX410-IR -- 4 TrayFree bays Add up to 4 additional drives/enclosures to the RAID via eSATA exapnsion ports on the rear panel - RTX410-IR will RAID them as if they were also internal. 2 iSCSI ports Up to 100 MB/s (network dependant) Shock Absorbing Bays Separate key lock for each HDD RAID 0, 1, 0 1, 3, 5, 6 & JBOD More info about the advanced RAID controller in RTX IR
Data destruction of decommissioned computer hard drivesOn-site data destruction of decommissioned hard drives beyond forensic recovery using the SECURE ERASE Command firmware embedded on ATA hard drives. We use and follow the NIST Special Publication 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization for purging and clearing hard drives of data. Each hard drive that is purged is provided with a certificate of destruction giving the serial number manufacturer, model number, size of the hard drive, date time when it was purged. Ths hard drives can either be redeployed or turned over to a third party without haveing to worry about the data ever being retrieved from the hard drives.
HAMMER Data removal. by CPR ToolsHammer™ is a hard disk drive erasure tool. The device will securely erase all data written to the attached drives, up to 4 drives at once. Both PATA and SATA interfaces are supported.
PSICLONE by CPR ToolsRetrieve User and Master ATA passwords from supported drives without clearing them).Unlock drive using ATA password. Built in Forensic Write-Block Built in PATA and SATA interfaces Sector to Sector Cloning Drive Imaging On-The-Fly Image Compression G-Clone (Clone the G-List) Email Alerts (allows the user to input an email address which gets notified when the process starts, stops, errors or at specific time intervals) Add-on Features include iFirmware Advanced Data Recovery MD5 Hash generation Drive erasing with user selectable methods Image Resume - allows the user to stop and resume image files USB 2.0 Write Block feature (Mass Storage Switch) Fast Clone - File System Copy Partition Copy DriveKey- Unlocks ATA Password protected drives
SledgeHammer by CPR Tools -Erase up to 30 PATA/SATA drivesHammer and Sledge Hammer Extended Capability Sledge Hammer. Each Sledge Hammer allows up to 8 drives to be subjected to the same rock-solid, NIST 800-88 compliant data eradication at one time. Up to 4 Sledge Hammer devices can be used with Hammer at one time. Audit Trails Mix and Match Connect All PATA, Mixed PATA/SATA, Sledgehammer set to Hammer,up to 32 drives at once. Sledge Hammer incorporates all the functionality of Hammer with some new features, like the ability to HOT SWAP hard drives. When one drive is finished you can remove the drive and put another in its place and start purging the new drive right away! NIST Sanitization For more information on NIST Special Publication 800-00, visit Security Erase Security Erase is a standard technology embedded in most ATA hard drives manufactured after 2001. This technique is considered equivalent in security to degaussing by NIST and because the drives can be reused, this method has the added benefit of being not only cost-effective, but green! When Security Erase is implemented by Hammer/Sledge Hammer, the hard drive is assigned a random password that locks the drive completely. It will not unlock until the Security Erase procedure is completed. When Security Erase is not supported, Hammer/Sledge Hammer automatically uses an embedded version of CPR Tools' BangDisk utility to overwrite every sector on the attached drive. Features Works with the CPR Toolbox Purge 8 drives per Sledge Hammer at one time Meets NIST 800-88, HIPAA, SoX, GLBA & more Complete audit trails Portable for field use Lock & unlock drives Stores 16,000 records
Bonell & Associates Inc. Company Business Activity
Activity IDActivity
417310Computer, Computer Peripheral and Pre-Packaged Software Wholesaler-Distributors
541510Computer Systems Design and Related Services
541990All Other Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

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