FreeFuelForever Ltd. Located at 2872 Chowat Rd, Agassiz,British Columbia, V0M 1A2, , Agassiz, British Columbia. .

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FreeFuelForever Ltd.

About Freefuelforever Ltd.

Freefuelforever Ltd. was established in year 2000

Freefuelforever Ltd. registered place of business address in record is: 2872 Chowat Rd, Agassiz,British Columbia, V0M 1A2, , Agassiz - V0M 1A2, British Columbia

Company Name FreeFuelForever Ltd.
Establishment Number 234567111692
Website Visit FreeFuelForever Ltd. Website
Phone 604-796-2649
Established Year 2000
Province British Columbia
Address 2872 Chowat Rd, Agassiz,British Columbia, V0M 1A2, , Agassiz - V0M 1A2, British Columbia, Canada
Business Activity Trading House / Wholesaler / Agent and Distributor
Conatct Person Walter Gillies (Engineer)
Phone Number 323-366-8777
Fax Number 206-201-5095
Country of Ownership Canada
FreeFuelForever Ltd. Company Services
ServiceService Description
Solar Water Heater Electronic ControllerMulti-functional electrical controlling device, combining a controlling chip and up-to-date pressure sensor, which ensures the regular operation of your solar water system. This controller and heater fit into the 21 tube JR158 solar water heater with heat pipes. Controller can turn on electrical heating to prevent freeze up of low pressure systems and send an alarm if the system has a problem. The electric element is built to plug directly into the tank supplied with the evacuated tube solar water heater and comes complete with extension cord.
Solar Water Heater Panels, 3.5 square meters, Heat Pipes 1.8 m tubesHeat Pipe Solar Energy Water Heater Panel, 3.5 Square Meter Area 20 Vacuum tube, 1.8 meters each Fully certified, highest efficiency lowest cost per square meter SRCC Certified Heat Pipe Solar Collector Panel 1.8 meter long tubes, copper heat pipes Optional stand for flat roofs Highest pressure of any panel Complete freeze protection Excellent for drain back systems Assemble on roof Highest efficiency panel available, fully SRCC and Solar Keymark certified with lowest cost per square meter of panel-an obvious first choice for split systems. How it works: The vacuum tubes absorb solar energy and aluminum wings transfer the heat energy to the heat pipe. The liquid in the heat pipe boils and the steam travels up to the top of the heat pipe. The top bulb of the heat pipe (the condenser bulb) is in contact with cool water, which causes the steam to condense flows down the heat pipe. This cycle repeats so long as sunlight keeps heating the pipe and the top of the pipe is cool enough to condense the steam.
Solar Water Heater System, 27 Glass Heat Pipes, 170 liter, GravityComplete solar water heater system, 170 liter tank, 27 Glass Heat Pipe solar collector panel, Gravity Drain. No water in tubes, so can never freeze. Fast heat transfer with heat pipes. By far the most common type of integrated solar water system in the world, the standard gravity drain, or vented, system delivers the lowest cost hot water of all designs. 27 tube solar water heater all-glass evacuated tubular collector design with sealed all glass heat pipes. 170 liter stainless steel inner tank, aluminum stand, air vent, water inlet and outlet fittings, tank cover, foot cushions, end caps and automatic filler valve mechanism are all included. Vacuum tubes can never freeze, since they contain no water. Optional auxiliary electric heater and controller can keep water temperature constant. Manual filling and draining possible, or connect directly to pressurized water with auto-filler valve to keep tank full. - Low pressure system, vented to atmosphere, gravity drain. - Water pressurized by gravity, or pump downstream from tank. - 90% of integrated systems sold due to lowest cost per liter hot water Package contains a complete solar water heater: · Stand alone system, no additional parts · Economic system for typical house · No electricity or pumps required, but can be added. · Assemble yourself in 3 hours · Optional electronic controller-heater · Graded Al-N/Al selective coating, high energy absorption and low heat transfer losses · highly evacuated with pressure 5×10-2 Pa in the space between outer and inner covers, so no heat loss · All Glass Heat pipes transfer heat energy in one direction only · High transparency with boron silicon glass, high resistance to cold water shock More people in the world use gravity drain solar systems than any other kind. Gravity drain is the standard system for most economical solar hot water. Type Gravity System, 170 liter (45 gallon) Tubes 27 tubes, 47 mm diameter, 1.5 meter length, all glass heat pipe Aperature Area 2.29 square meters, standard frame at 45 degree angle Water volume 170 liters (45 gallon) Net Weight 76 kg (no water) Gross Weight 268 kg (full of water) Electric heater 1500 W or 2000 W, with electronic controller Automatic filler Option available; mechanical design, lifetime of greater than 10 years Water level overflow Water level greater than 360 mm See prices and additional details here:
Solar Water Heater Panels, 1.3 square meters, U-Pipe 1.5 m tubesThe most flexible and adaptable of vacuum tube solar panels, U-tubes can be mounted at any angle, blending in to restricted access areas, with any system from thermosiphon to in floor heating. SLU series are all-glass evacuated tubular collectors with copper metal U tubes. Fluid circulates from the header to the bottom of the tubes, then back up. Fully certified by SRCC, Solar Keymark. European certification, efficiency and durability testing results may be downloaded. Copper U tubes can stand high working pressures-up to 6 bar (0.6 Mpa) and have the highest efficiency of the solar panel only units. · Graded Al-N/Al selective coating, high energy absorption and low heat transfer losses · highly evacuated with pressure 5×10-2 Pa in the space between outer and inner covers, so no heat loss · High transparency with boron silicon glass, high resistance to cold water shock · High 6 bar pressure capable · 12 tube panels can be joined in series · Use for pools, thermosiphon systems · Use in pressure split systems EcoEnergy Canada Rebate Model SLU1500/12 tube Collector tubes SL-I-1500 (1.5 meter) Number of tubes 12 U tube material Copper U tube Diameter 8 mm Thickness 1 mm Max. Pressure (working) 0.6 MPa=6 bar (about 6 atmospheres), tested to 9 bar Area, m2 Gross/"Aperature" 1.278 Absorber 0.858 Intercept efficiency (h0) 0.593 Aperature (0.883 Absorber, 0.616 European conversion for RETScreen Frta) Heat Loss (a1) FrUL=1.293 W/(m2K) (European format converted for RETScreen) Net Weight 30 kg Reflector Flat Plate Diffuse, Aluminum Inlet and Outlet Piping, in 1/2” (12 tube), stainless steel Stagnation Temperature 220 degrees C, with reflector Energy per year 525 kWh/m2 For photos, prices and installation manuals see:
Solar Water Pump, 10 WSolar Water Circulation Pump, PV (Photovoltaic) Direct Drive 10 Watt nominal power solar water pump, optimized to run off a solar photovoltaic panel. This solar pump is designed as a circulation pump for a solar thermal water heater system. The special feature of this pump is the ability to adapt to the changes in power from a PV panel as the amount of sunlight changes (Maximum Power Point, MPP, tracking). This means that this pump will start and run when the sun is not strong enough to run other pumps, and will run faster with more sun. The most common pump application is for water circulation in a split solar thermal water heater system. The great advantage in a solar water heater system is that this pump runs when the sun shines, eliminating the need for an electronic controller in the system. Makes simple split solar water heater system. Runs with a 10 W solar PV panel Circulation pump runs when the sun shines Runs faster when more sun, more hot water No controller, no probes, no grid power needed Pump electronics are specifically designed to run with variable output from a solar photovoltaic panel. This pump is specifically designed to work as a circulation pump for solar thermal water heater split systems. Pump can start with little sun and uses Maximum Power Point (MPP) tracking to run faster when there is more sun, and therefore more heat to be taken from the solar thermal panels. Eliminates the need for an electronic control system for solar energy water heaters. Radiant floor heating also possible. Electronic controllers historically cause the most trouble in a solar water heater system. Eliminate the controller with a solar PV direct pump, and the largest source of solar water heater system failures is eliminated. Features: 8V
FreeFuelForever Ltd. Company Business Activity
Activity IDActivity
416120Plumbing, Heating and Air-Conditioning Equipment and Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors
454111Internet Shopping

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