Digital Specialty Chemicals Limited Located at 470 Coronation Dr., SCARBOROUGH,Ontario, M1E 4Y4, , Scarborough, Ontario. .

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Digital Specialty Chemicals Limited

About Digital Specialty Chemicals Limited

Digital Specialty Chemicals Limited was established in year 1987

Digital Specialty Chemicals Limited registered place of business address in record is: 470 Coronation Dr., SCARBOROUGH,Ontario, M1E 4Y4, Canada

Company Name Digital Specialty Chemicals Limited
Establishment Number 234567101213
Website Visit Digital Specialty Chemicals Limited Website
Phone 416-231-2991
Established Year 1987
Province Ontario
Address 470 Coronation Dr.
M1E 4Y4
Business Activity Manufacturer / Processor / Producer
Conatct Person Debyani Niyogi (Technical Sales Manager (Asia-Pacific))
Phone Number 416-231-2991
Fax Number 416-231-1935
Country of Ownership Canada
Digital Specialty Chemicals Limited Company Services
ServiceService Description
1,3-[Bis(diphenylphosphino)propane]nickel(II) chloride, (CAS# 15629-92-2), [NiCl2(dppp)]NiCl2(dppp),cat 416 is a catalyst used in Kumada couplings, selective deallylations and preparation of poly(3-alkylthiophene) conductive polymers.
2-(Diphenylphosphino)ethylamine, (CAS# 4848-43-5)This ligand (cat 1442) is used in the selective hydrogenation of unsaturated ketones and aldehydes and the regioselective hydrogenolysis of epoxides.
2-Cyanoethyl-N,N,N',N'-tetraisopropylphosphorodiamidite,(CAS No 102691-36-1) (PHOS reagent)PHOS reagent (cat 269) is an ultra-high purity phosphitylating reagent, suitable for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, and is used in the manufacture of phosphoramidites. These phosphoramidites are important as the linking components of oligonucleotides for the manufacture of antisense drugs.
3-Methyl-1-phenyl-2-phospholene-1-oxide, (CAS# 707-61-9), MPPOMPPO, Cat 525, is useful in the production of carbodiimides and polycarbodiimides from aromatic diisocyanates.
9,9-Dimethyl-4,5-bis(diphenylphosphino)xanthene (CAS NO 161265-03-8),XantphosXantphos (cat 1700) is used in hydroformylation and hydroamination of olefins, the C-N and C-O bond couplings of aryl halides, and the hydrophosphinylation of olefins and alkynes.
Di-tert-butylphosphate,potassium salt, (CAS# 33494-80-3)This material (cat 1722) is utilized to prepare N-phosphonooxymethyl prodrugs, (which increase bioavailability), and Naiscon-type phosphates used in fast-ion conductors with low thermal expansion ceramics.
Dicyclohexylchlorophosphine, (CAS# 16523-54-9)This (cat 637) is a useful reagent for the preparation of electron-rich, bulky phosphines that have been used in a variety of C-C and C-Heteratom bond couplings.
Diethyl methylphosphonite, (CAS# 16523-54-9)This reagent (cat 1163) is used in the generation of phosphinic acid derivative via Arbuzov reaction.
Diphenylphosphine, (CAS# 829-85-6)It is a veratile reagent (cat 312) used in the preparation of new phosphine ligands. Phosphide can be used as a base in the demethylation of aryl methyl ethers, diastereoselective cyanation of ketones, and the regioselective hydrogenolysis of epoxides.
R/S/racemic 2,2'-Bis(diphenylphosphino)1,1'-binapthyl (BINAP)DSC offers the (R)-, (S)- as well as the racemic BINAP in multi-kg quantities. The corresponding catalogue nos are 325( CAS # 76189-55-4), 459(CAS # 76189-56-5) and 758(CAS # 98327-87-8). These ligands find uses in asymmetric syntheses.
Digital Specialty Chemicals Limited Company Business Activity
Activity IDActivity
325189All Other Basic Inorganic Chemical Manufacturing
325999All Other Miscellaneous Chemical Product Manufacturing

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