Royal Market Inc. Located at 2644 Windjammer Rd, MISSISSAUGA,Ontario, L5L 1T5, , Mississauga, Ontario. .

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Royal Market Inc.

About Royal Market Inc.

Royal Market Inc. was established in year 2000

Royal Market Inc. registered place of business address in record is: 2644 Windjammer Rd, MISSISSAUGA,Ontario, L5L 1T5, Canada

ROYAL MARKET INC. Company Profile
Company Name Royal Market Inc.
Establishment Number 234567016797
Website Visit Royal Market Inc. Website
Phone 905-820-1204
Established Year 2000
Province Ontario
Address 2644 Windjammer Rd
L5L 1T5
Business Activity Services
Conatct Person Mike Chadha (Director)
Phone Number 905-820-1204
Fax Number 208-279-1381
Country of Ownership Canada
Royal Market Inc. Company Services
ServiceService Description
Maxima CRM SystemOnline CRM system to assist SME and Small Business to maintain their customer Information online. Modules Avaliable: 1. Company/Individual Contact Management 2. Activities Management 3. Customer Service/Support Management 4. Outbound/Inbound Campaign Management
Maxima Internet PhoneBasic phone service for local area in Australia, Canada, USA and UK. Local Number avaliable in all areas in Australia, Canada, USA and UK. Quick return on investment for Professional, small and Medium enterprises and individual customers. More price Competitive than your local phone company.
Maxima ERP SystemOnline Accounting and Enterprise Planning system for small Manufacturing and SME. Real time system for companies to manage their cash flow. Intergration avaliable with most local banks. Intergration avaliable with most system for Order Management and Customer Information Management.
Maxima Web-development PackagesWe offer basic/specialised website development packages at low cost for small and medium enterprises. We experience in the following Industries: 1. Exporters/Importers and Traders 2. Retail Stores 3. Food and Entertainment 4. Transportation/Freight Brokers/Custom Brokers 5. Logistics Management 6. Professional Services
Preused Desktop ComputersUsed desktop from large institution are available to individual and small and medium enterprises. We help our clients replace their old machines with new machines. These machines make it easy for students and new immigrants to city to have computers. This is a social cause to help the society at large. We also export these machines to other countries who need this machines. We generally export IBM and DELL machines.
Preused LaptopsWe also sell off-lease laptop from large institution. We help the students and new comers to our city to get the benefit of low price of these machine. We also export this product to other countries.
IT SolutionsTo deliver solutions with focus on achieving demonstrable bottom- line impact and business value for our clients through execution of strategic technology initiatives.
IT TrainingThis is a web based service that connects students, teachers and parents round-the-clock, 7 days a week. It allows students to access classnotes and assignments prepared by teachers and track their academic performance. Besides, eConnect provides an online marking tool for multiple choice questions.
Maxima Internet FaxBasic fax service in two modes PC to Fax and Fax to Fax via internet. Send and Receive Faxes via email. Low cost service avaliable for customer in all areas of different industries.
Data Entry OutsourcingData Entry outsourcing is avaliable for customer in the Banking, Insurance, Medical and Real Estate Industries. We have a specialised staff to handle outsourcing of training materail scripting.
Business Process OutsourcingWe specialize in area of business process outsourcing for small and Medium enterprises. We have expertise in the following areas: 1. Billing/Collection 2. Logistics Management 3. Transportation/Freight Forwarding 4. Customs Documents 5. Customer Relationship Management 6. Transaction Processing for eBusiness companies 7. Order Taking for eCommerce Companies The main advantage of any BPO is the way in which it helps increase a company's flexibility. However, several sources[which?] have different ways in which they perceive organizational flexibility. In early 2000s BPO was all about cost efficiency, which allowed a certain level of flexibility at the time. Due to technological advances and changes in the industry (specifically the move to more service-based rather than product-based contracts), companies who choose to outsource their back-office increasingly look for time flexibility and direct quality control.[6] Business process outsourcing enhances the flexibility of an organization in different ways: Most services provided by BPO vendors are offered on a fee-for-service basis, using business models such as Remote In-Sourcing or similar software development and outsourcing models.[7][8] This can help a company to become more flexible by transforming fixed into variable costs.[9] A variable cost structure helps a company responding to changes in required capacity and does not require a company to invest in assets, thereby making the company more flexible.[10] Another way in which BPO contributes to a company's flexibility is that a company is able to focus on its core competencies, without being burdened by the demands of bureaucratic restraints.[11] Key employees are herewith released from performing non-core or administrative processes and can invest more time and energy in building the firm's core businesses.[12] The key lies in knowing which of the main value drivers to focus on – customer intimacy, product leadership, or operational excellence. Focusing more on one of these drivers may help a company create a competitive edge.[13] A third way in which BPO increases organizational flexibility is by increasing the speed of business processes. Supply chain management with the effective use of supply chain partners and business process outsourcing increases the speed of several business processes, such as the throughput in the case of a manufacturing company.[14] Finally, flexibility is seen as a stage in the organizational life cycle: A company can maintain growth goals while avoiding standard business bottlenecks.[15] BPO therefore allows firms to retain their entrepreneurial speed and agility, which they would otherwise sacrifice in order to become efficient as they expanded. It avoids a premature internal transition from its informal entrepreneurial phase to a more bureaucratic mode of operation.[16] A company may be able to grow at a faster pace as it will be less constrained by large capital expenditures for people or equipment that may take years to amortize, may become outdated or turn out to be a poor match for the company over time. Although the above-mentioned arguments favour the view that BPO increases the flexibility of organizations, management needs to be careful with the implementation of it as there are issues, which work against these advantages. Among problems, which arise in practice are: A failure to meet service levels, unclear contractual issues, changing requirements and unforeseen charges, and a dependence on the BPO which reduces flexibility. Consequently, these challenges need to be considered before a company decides to engage in business process outsourcing.[17] A further issue is that in many cases there is little that differentiates the BPO providers other than size. They often provide similar services, have similar geographic footprints, leverage similar technology stacks, and have similar Quality Improvement approaches.
Call Center ServicesWe provide call center service to companies for customer service and outbound/inbound campaign. We have expertise in the following Industries: 1. Automotive 2. Medical Professional 3. Education 4. Hydro Companies 5. Pharma Firms
Desk Top PublishingWe offer desk top publishing for companies that need to develop brochures and broadcast email or fax.
Research & DevelopmentWe work on product development with companies who are interested in developing new product. We help you with you marketing plan development.
Knowledge Process OutsourcingKPO services include all kinds of research and information gathering, e.g. intellectual property research for patent applications; equity research, business and market research, legal and medical services; training, consultancy, and research and development in fields such as pharmaceuticals and biotechnology; and animation and design, etc. Risks and Benefits of KPO[edit] Benefits[8] Cost reduction Shortage of skilled employees Provides many graduates at very low cost High end services are provided at a very cost to decrease unemployment and benefit their economy Provide flexibility in terms of HRM & time management Risks[8] Security- Classified information about the company can be lost Key talent retention The character of the employee and the quality of the work cannot be assured KPO is time consuming and cannot provide a quick fix to the company seeking immediate results. Lack of communication between partners due to legal, language and cultural barriers can lead to complications Differentiating KPO from BPO. A KPO firm requires considerably more skilled personnel. Experts working in KPO keep on learning and accomplished professionals can power their aptitude to produce more incomes for the KPO firm.[9] The main difference between a KPO firm and a BPO firm is that in a KPO firm, the customer is included amid the whole execution process.[7] KPO firms additionally provides their customers with high end services. The pay of KPO representative is much higher than offered to the BPO worker as the individuals working for KPO are exceptionally qualified.
Business Startup ServicesStart-Up Business Services is a collaborative approach to business advice, services and support for start-ups and small businesses. Our Local Business Partners are chosen because they have the experience and passion to take your business to the next level. The Service covered under this would be: 1. IT Setup - Cloud Based 2. Telephone Service (IP Based) 3. Outsource Office 4. While Mail receiving centre 5. Virtual Assistance
Incubation CentreThe picture for many small businesses and start-ups is often the same Whether you're an accountant, solicitor, a restaurant or an artisan cake shop, you've spent years devoting your life to either formal education or perfecting what you actually offer Your time, dedication and skill set is what makes you an expert in your field And then it comes to that point from being an expert and having the knowledge to actually launching your business into the real world And it's at that point when you give yourself the position of marketing director with little or any marketing experience Just re-read that - "You've given the most important function of your business - the position of acquiring customers - to someone with no experience" At Altrincham HQ, we love to see business thrive and prosper, so here are some tips for those new to Social Media Marketing to give your business a fighting chance START YOUR MARKETING ACTIVITY BEFORE YOUR BUSINESS LAUNCHES One of the biggest mistakes of start-up businesses is leaving marketing until tomorrow ... and then tomorrow never comes Marketing = Awareness. Awareness = Customers. Customers = A Business In an ideal world your launch campaign would start 3-4 weeks before the actual business launches to tease people up to the big launch Social Media Marketing is not a quick fix and immediate hit for business, so having this lead-in period allows you to build an audience, develop relationships and help people understand more about your ethos and ethics So plan your marketing ahead - set benchmarks and deadlines NB: If you've already launched your business and not done any marketing yet - remember today is better than tomorrow - so take action CHOOSE 2 PLATFORMS AND MASTER THEM Social Media can be daunting for start-up businesses because of the sheer number of platforms and options to take Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google , Periscope, Meerkat, Blab ... and of course blogging are just a few We always advise businesses to choose the 2 most relevant platforms and master them before looking at further options Which platforms you choose should be dictated by your customers Think - Where are your customer's eyes? What are the platforms they use? Twitter and Blogging are at the core of what we do with many start-up businesses - but go back to the 2 questions above to work out which are most relevant to your audience BE HUMAN AND ENGAGE MASSIVELY Social Media is not a 1 way communication channel ... Social Media is not a 1 way communication channel ... Social Media is not a 1 way communication channel ... Repeat until you have this engrained firmly in your mind The best thing about Social Media is it allows you to have 121 and group conversations with your audience, but so many leap on to social media as if it's a flyer, email newsletter or press release If you're posting and switching off from Social Media, without taking the time to look what others are posting and engaging with your local network, then social media will not work for your business Around 69-70% of our tweets that go out each day are actually conversational tweets with local businesses. Tweets that are ALL about them rather than all about us. People love that others show an interest in them, rather than be talked to It's true in real life and it's true on Social Media BE PRESENT EVERY DAY Are you looking for a return from Social Media? Expecting big results? So many people look at the Return On Investment (ROI) from Social Media Marketing, without considering the important measurement of Return On Effort (ROE) The businesses that are winning big on Social Media are the businesses that are present every day, rather than occasionally turning up For clients we plan a content calendar 3-4 months ahead which makes day to day Social Media activity much more structured and easy to do At the heart of the content plan are the business' marketing objectives as you have to understand why you are doing it and have benchmarks to measure against Return On Effort isn't necessarily about posting more - it's about posting quality, posting with targets in mind and posting with focus GET SOCIAL MEDIA TRAINING Learning isn't just something that happens throughout your formal education and then stops It's a lifelong process and you'll find the most successful businesses invest time and money into their personal development and training Social Media Training delivered by experts that goes deep into your business and works out an effective marketing strategy really is time and money well spent Whether you have no knowledge of Social Media or have been using Social Media for a number of years, there is a huge amount that can be covered such as the Mechanics Of Social Media, Managing Social Media in a Time Effective Manner, Strengthening Your Marketing Message / Strategy and Measuring the Results Of Social Media Campaigns
Engineering Design And DrawingsEngineering Design And Drawings Based On:- CAD SERVICES CAD Outsourcing Services CAD Conversion Services Paper to CAD Services Auto CAD Drafting Services Digitization Services ARCHITECTURE & INTERIOR SERVICES Architectural Planning Structure Design Services 2D & 3D Architecture Rendering 3D Views (Exterior & Interior) Walkthrough Interior Designing Services GRAPHICS DESIGNING SERVICES 3D Modeling 2D Floor Plans Rendering, GIS SERVICES OrthoPhoto Digitization Parcel Maping Cadestre Maping Satelite,Servy MAP to CAD Automation Utility Mapping Services Our ServicesCAD Conversion 3D Architectural 3D Interior Design GIS & Mapping Mechanical Drawing 3D Part ModelingConsultancy ServicesHaving 23 years of Industrial experience in Aluminium Extrusion Industry we can completely assist for the New set up & Old Set up up gradation. Starting from Project proposal, estimates, machinery selection to trial production we can assist you based on market survey report.We can provide die designs for different Hollow, Solid, Semi hollow profiles. All section drawings of different standard tolerances can draw by us, as per your need. Existing Extrusion industries can take advantages without employing high cost Tool Room/ Die shop professionals.
Royal Market Inc. Company Business Activity
Activity IDActivity
417310Computer, Computer Peripheral and Pre-Packaged Software Wholesaler-Distributors
517111Wired Telecommunications Carriers (except Cable)
541510Computer Systems Design and Related Services

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