Marinvent Corporation Located at 23-50 De La Rabastalière Rd E, SAINT-BRUNO,Quebec, J3V 2A5, , Saint-bruno, Quebec. .

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Marinvent Corporation

About Marinvent Corporation

Marinvent Corporation was established in year 1983

Marinvent Corporation registered place of business address in record is: 23-50 De La Rabastalière Rd E, SAINT-BRUNO,Quebec, J3V 2A5, , Saint-bruno - J3V 2A5, Quebec

Company Name Marinvent Corporation
Establishment Number 234567016295
Website Visit Marinvent Corporation Website
Phone 450-441-6464
Established Year 1983
Province Quebec
Address 23-50 De La Rabastalière Rd E, SAINT-BRUNO,Quebec, J3V 2A5, , Saint-bruno - J3V 2A5, Quebec, Canada
Business Activity Services
Conatct Person John Maris (President)
Phone Number 450-441-6464
Fax Number 450-441-2411
Country of Ownership Canada
Marinvent Corporation Company Services
ServiceService Description
Synthesis Tool SuiteSynthesis™ Overview Marinvent’s “Synthesis™” is a purpose-built, web-based, software tool suite that has been developed to plan, optimize and manage the execution of complex programs that require the definition, collection and presentation of artefacts which show compliance with externally-governed, rigorous processes. Synthesis™ saves customers enormous amounts of time and money on certification programs, provides a real framework for re-use and provides management with an ideal tool to help integrate the supply chain and manage risk. Application Spaces • Civil aircraft and avionics flight test and certification • Civil aircraft systems specification and selection • Military aircraft and avionics flight test and acceptance/certification • Military aircraft program specification and selection • Military land, sea and unmanned systems specification, selection, test and acceptance/certification • Expensive and critical process control, medical, power generation, power distribution, transportation, mining industries systems specification, selection, test and acceptance/certification Synthesis™ Key Features • Intuitive, web-based graphical user interface for ease of access • Out of the box documentation formats, business rules, workflows, checklists, etc., are all customized to fit individual customer’s needs • Role-based user profiles provide views into the tool data and also provide access only to predefined functionality • Database back-end ensures all data is stored at every level and retained for future re-use, from regulatory guidance to findings of compliance • All data and certification artefacts are collected and stored with unbreakable links o History cannot be lost o Always able to re-create a complete data and documentation set • Integrates with third-party tools to make adoption easier • Provides access to real-time Key Performance Indicators through comprehensive and customizable report interface o Provides full management visibility into progress internally and through supply chain • Requirements drive the master compliance matrix specified in the tool which in turn drives the project and/or certification plan o Ensures only work actually required is planned • Tools provided to optimize certification projects based on actual events o Dramatic time and cost savings • Flexible annual licensing scheme includes support from Marinvent Synthesis™ Benefits • Significant reduction in time and cost for management and execution of highly process-driven programs • Standardized, re-usable database of artefacts with end-to-end traceability • Standardized process rules, including comprehensive review and approval tracking, are enforced once defined by customer • Standardized business and documentation outputs that can optionally replicate existing, familiar formats or formats required by end customer o Built-in generic formats included as starting point o Ensures maximum re-use potential and ease of review • Intuitive, secure, Web-Based interface means that little training is required • Seamless integration with third party tools (DOORS, Microsoft Project, CM…) and existing company infrastructure • Completely integrated supply chain, however distributed • Real time availability of built in Key Performance Indicators and metrics with extensive, customizable report generation • Return On Investment (ROI) typically expected on first program application o ROI on derivative or follow-on programs is even greater due to real re-use of archived data
R&D and ServicesServices Overview Marinvent’s independent team of highly experienced staff makes it the ideal choice for training, services and consulting in the aerospace sector, regardless of the size and complexity of the project. Marinvent has fixed and rotary wing test pilots and independent TCCA DARs that hold current Flight Analyst, Flight Test, Software & TSO delegations. Marinvent offers “turn-key” avionics flight-testing and certification through its “come-as-you-are” concept, which uses Marinvent’s Piaggio P-180 Avanti aircraft to save customers time & money on flight test & certification. The fully-instrumented aircraft, which can be flown as an Optionally Piloted Vehicle (OPV), also supports the rapid development, demonstration and evaluation of "virtual" avionics systems, which makes customers’ prototype technologies appear mature. Application Spaces • Aircraft and Unmanned vehicle advanced research • Aircraft avionics and aircraft systems development, evaluation, flight test and certification • Unmanned System technology development, evaluation, flight test and certification Services Offered Marinvent’s services and consulting offerings can be summed up simply – “Marinvent helps its customers reduce program risk and deliver their products and services more economically”. Services cover the entire product V-Cycle and include: • Avionics and aerospace training (certification, flight test, DO-178, DO-254, objective assessment, many others) o Standard and customized courses available o Use of simulator and aircraft included where appropriate • Aerospace & defence research, rapid prototyping and demonstration of novel technologies • Identification of and solution to difficult aerospace problems • Independent consulting related to independent operational evaluation/procurement • Independent flight test planning, execution and management • Human Factors engineering and studies • Outsourced software and systems development, test and certification (Military, TCCA, FAA and EASA) • Flexible IP licensing and IP integration services • Customer product certification (TSO, STC) • Program Management Services Benefits • Marinvent’s unique flight testing concept, broad experience base, custom-designed research simulator and advanced flight test aircraft provide the ideal combination for customers that are looking for faster and more economical ways to carry out avionics & aircraft system development, prototyping, flight test and certification • Marinvent’s independence means it can provide the benefit of consulting advice to any customers without fear of competitive conflicts • Marinvent relies on objective methodologies and tools and provides its customers with hard, fact-based, evidence at every stage of the project • Unique aircraft avionics architecture allows early TRL technologies to be rapidly demonstrated and evaluated in National Airspace (NAS) without experimental flight restrictions or the need to modify the aircraft, drill holes and run cables o TRL 2-3 appears like TRL 7-9 o Reduces the risk, time and cost of product development • Aircraft already equipped for evaluation and test of unmanned aircraft technologies and concepts in NAS • Marinvent offers significant certification program risk, cost and schedule reductions over typical methods o Such work is performed in a more economical environment using Marinvent’s Synthesis™ tools o No need to tie up expensive aircraft types for most of this work • Marinvent’s existing courseware makes aerospace training economical and available when & where needed
Risk Management ServicesProvider of highly advanced systems engineering, analysis, simulation, and flight test services for the program risk reduction at all stages of aerospace development programs.
DAR ServicesQualified fixed-wing, rotary-wing, TSO and software Design Approval Representatives on staff.
Flight Test ServicesUnique airborne test-beds and simulators configured for rapid prototyping, evaluation, and certification of Communication, Navigation, Surveillance (CNS) systems.
Software developmentFull capability software development team able to develop and certify software to DO-178B Level B. Software DAR on staff. Over fifteen years of airborne software development success stories, including the development of the world-standard for the depiction of Jeppesen Sanderson electronic terminal charts.
Human Factors Flight SimulationHighly specialized human factors / rapid-prototyping flight simulator with conical visual system available with full operational staff to perform HF evaluations and rapid prototyping. System has same architecture as Marinvent's airborne test-beds for follow-on testing in the airborne environment.
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) PlatformHighly specialized airborne test-bed available for UAV development work, including control station design and operational concept development. 0 - 41,000 ft and 120 to 360 KTAS.
Expert WitnessingHighly experienced expert witnesses on staff with fixed-wing and rotary-wing qualifications, supported by an advanced human factors simulator for accident reconstruction and analysis.
Aerospace TrainingVariety of off the shelf and customized training packages covering DO-178, DO-254, Certification, Flight Test, and other aerospace-specific topics.
Outsourced Software and Systems EngineeringFlexible, value-added outsourced software and systems development, evaluation, demonstration and certification services for aircraft systems and avionics technologies that enable Marinvent's customers to bring ideas to fruition in a cost, time and risk-effective manner and allow for the full evaluation of aerospace concepts at a very early stage of maturity.
Dynamic Non-Linear Display Technology (DNLD)DNLD Overview Pilots and operators of displays where there is a requirement to display rapidly changing graphic data, with extreme precision, over a broad display range are being placed under an ever-increasing operational workload as new technologies allow them to be presented with more and more data that must be mentally processed and decisions taken as a result of that processing. Marinvent’s patented Dynamic Non Linear Display (DNLD) technology is a unique set of algorithms that allow the display of rapidly changing graphical data, with extreme precision, over a broad display range. Application Spaces • Civil and military aircraft cockpit displays • Military land and sea vehicle displays • Unmanned vehicle control station displays • Simulation displays DNLD Key Features • Marinvent’s DNLD package is available either exclusively or non-exclusively under flexible licensing terms: o Either as a patent license or o As a software license • Display scales are dynamically and non-linearly modified to enable display of current value and predefined upper and lower limits o Reducing the resolution away from current value but maintaining the desired resolution at the current value • The software algorithm employed is flexible and can take a number of different mathematical forms to achieve the desired appearance • Resolution and legibility of the image is kept at conventional display values in the linear potion of the display • Eliminates unwanted roll cues from altitude and speed tapes commonly experienced in highly dynamic situations DNLD Benefits • Creates market discriminator as displays no longer have to sacrifice range for resolution o Maintains legibility and resolution in screen region where they are critical (current value) • Enables the retention on screen of meaningful display end points at all times (target bugs for instance are always in view) o Significantly improved altitude and airspeed awareness • Commonly used predictors such as airspeed and altitude trend vectors remain useable in highly dynamic situations o They do not saturate on the display • Displays remain useable at very high rates (such as 30,000 FPM vertical rates and 20 knot/second airspeed rates) • Eliminates false roll cues suffered by conventional displays during rapid climb or descent • Can be readily integrated with existing display software to enable the retrofit market
Sensor Fusion TechnologySensor Fusion Overview Marinvent’s patented sensor fusion technology is a completely new methodology for conducting sensor fusion, particularly for dissimilar sensors with heterogeneous spatial and temporal characteristics. Marinvent’s sensor fusion software package uses advanced expert system methods to integrate the sensor data into an easily understood probability map that is presented to the operator in real time. Application Spaces • ASW • Target Detection • Target Tracking & Surveillance Sensor Fusion Key Features • Marinvent’s sensor fusion package is available under flexible licensing terms: o Either as a patent license or o As a software license o Either exclusive or non-exclusive • Sensor models can be readily updated with customer’s own real-world sensor models • Marinvent can work with customers to tailor the system to customer’s needs and to integrate the software into the customer’s platform • Marinvent-designed probability map expert system implemented to aid operators in detection and tracking of targets • The probability map incorporates two novel heuristics: o It subtracts the probability associated from any sensor which is not in contact with the target; and o When a sensor loses contact with the target, it retains the probability data from the sensor in question, but with the probability diluted spatially according to the maximum anticipated speed of the target Sensor Fusion Benefits • Expert system algorithms provide operator with best estimate of a Target Of Interest’s (TOI’s) position and velocity o Takes the “guesswork” out of target location and tracking o Results in reduction of localization time of an order of magnitude over raw data mode o Results in a reduction of tracking errors of an order of magnitude over raw data mode o Significant reduction in stress and workload for operators • Modular and flexible design means that the sensor fusion algorithms are independent of the physical sensor system, working on post-processed sensor data o May be used with disparate sensors with dissimilar profiles • Provides customers with a readily-available discriminator over their competitors’ systems • Can be retrofit to existing systems
Airfoil Performance Monitor (APM)APM Overview Shortcomings with existing Angle-Of-Attack (AOA) and ice detector technologies that are currently employed for aircraft continue to allow numerous aircraft accidents, particularly during or immediately after take-off, with iced or contaminated airfoils. Marinvent’s Patented APM is an airflow monitoring technology that accurately assesses the “stress” on an airfoil at the airfoil surface itself by measuring the airflow turbulence intensity, which directly correlates to the airfoil’s proximity to stall. The APM system is the only system that measures the state of the airflow over any airfoil surface in all phases of flight and in all weather conditions. The APM tells the pilot or avionics systems the margin of lift remaining to the stall for that airfoil even when it is iced, contaminated or degraded. Application Spaces • Green aircraft operation/efficiency in all weather conditions and phases of flight • Aircraft safety under icing, wing contamination and wing degradation conditions • Protection of airframe manufacturers to fight accident claims due to airframe loss under icing conditions • Aircraft safety during take-off roll and high speed stall conditions • Prevention of Unmanned Air Vehicle loss due to icing/contamination • Extension of UAS range and payload in cold climates APM Key Features • APM directly measures aerodynamic performance at the source o The lifting surface of the airfoil (wing, tail, etc.) • Measures airflow turbulence intensity (“R) resulting from boundary layer tripping / separation • Provides aircrew, UAS operators and avionics systems with vital information that is currently not available to them • Provides margin to stalls that occur for any reason o Exceeding stall angle of attack o Contamination at leading edge or lifting surface o Mach buffet • Shows location of stall so pilot can take the appropriate action to recover o Allows critical decisions to be made fast that can significantly improve safety & survivability • Allows the vehicle to be flown in most efficient manner at all times and under all contamination / weather conditions o By “flying R” • Allows for optimization of use of anti-ice and de-icing systems o Use only when actually necessary • Allows for approach speeds to be optimized for actual real-time conditions to reduce brake wear APM Safety Benefits • Existing stall warning and ice detection systems provide little or no advanced warning of impending stall conditions and little useful information about the actual contamination conditions at the airfoil surfaces o Crew has little time to react appropriately and little useful information to base the decision upon (causing accidents) • APM provides real-time data that provides pilots/avionics systems & UAS operators much more o Time to make appropriate decisions o Information to use to make the best decisions o Safety & survivability • It has the potential to almost eliminate these accidents by providing significantly earlier warning APM Green Benefits • Current civilian and military aircraft (and UAS) have no means to measure aerodynamic performance at wings or stabilizers (stress on the airfoil) • APM provides real-time data that allows pilots/avionics systems to optimize the fuel spend based upon current, actual, airfoil conditions o Less fuel used – better carbon footprint o Less brake wear as a result of optimized landing speeds o Lower cost of operations o Provision of operational data that can help to determine optimal maintenance (cleaning, painting, etc.,) based on ROI • Since use of de-icing fluids significantly lowers airfoil efficiency, being able to only use such fluids when critical provides for huge cost and efficiency savings o APM is the only system that can accurately and effectively provide the necessary feedback to enable this optimization
Dynamic Vector Language (DVL)DVL is a state of the art vector graphics API and tool set that allows customers to develop and deploy electronic charting products with minimal cost, risk and development time. Additionally, DVL is a fully-featured, platform-independant, software-only, embedded graphics API that allows customers to divorce display application software from the underlying processing platform. DVL is fully certifiable.
Reticle for Tactical DisplaysReticle Overview Marinvent’s patented Reticle technology is a set of software solutions that provide operators of tactical displays with considerably greater situational awareness in order to significantly improve their effectiveness in challenging and highly dynamic operational environments. The Reticle package is a software solution that implements an intuitive reticle display, to give unprecedented situational awareness cues. The self-orienting, reticle technology adds significant geo-spatial information to any tactical display without increasing display clutter or complexity. Application Spaces • Military targeting applications • Unmanned vehicle control and display applications • Remote surveillance systems • FLIR systems • ISR systems • Police, public safety, disaster relief, emergency Reticle Key Features • Marinvent’s Reticle package is available either exclusively or non-exclusively under flexible licensing terms: o Either as a patent license or o As a software license • Marinvent can work with customers to integrate the software into the customer’s platform • Incorporates simple aircraft graphic to replace the more traditional cross hair in order to orient the camera view to the platform immediately • Incorporates a compass rose on the display to immediately orient the camera operator with the outside world and with cockpit and ground communications Reticle Benefits • Creates market discriminator for tactical display manufacturers • Creates a display that makes it far easier for tactical system operators to home in on targets and stay locked onto them, o Regardless of how dynamically the platform on which they are located is moving with respect to the target o Regardless of whether the target is static or fully dynamic • Allows the tactical system operator to remain constantly aware of his/her physical orientation o By providing the situational awareness required to do so at all times • Enables considerably better communication between the tactical system operator and other crew in the vehicle o Improving overall crew effectiveness and considerably reducing workload • Can be readily integrated with existing display software to enable the retrofit market
Marinvent Corporation Company Business Activity
Activity IDActivity
488190Other Support Activities for Air Transportation
541330Engineering Services
541510Computer Systems Design and Related Services
541690Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
541710Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering and Life Sciences
541990All Other Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

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