Stantec Consulting Ltd Located at 10160 112 Street, EDMONTON,Alberta, T5K 2L6, , Edmonton, Alberta. .

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Stantec Consulting Ltd

About Stantec Consulting Ltd

Stantec Consulting Ltd registered place of business address in record is: 10160 112 Street, EDMONTON,Alberta, T5K 2L6, Canada

Company Name Stantec Consulting Ltd
Establishment Number 234567006392
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Phone 780-917-7000
Established Year -
Province Alberta
Address 10160 112 Street
T5K 2L6
Business Activity Services
Conatct Person Robert Gomes (Chief Executive Officer)
Phone Number 780-917-7000
Fax Number 780-917-7330
Country of Ownership Canada
Stantec Consulting Ltd Company Services
ServiceService Description
Building EngineeringIntelligent design. Innovative execution. We're with you, from initial concept to design, construction, commissioning, and validation. Whatever the challenge, we're with you identifying opportunities to improve performance and sustainability while improving operations. Our team represents all of the major engineering disciplines – structural, mechanical, electrical and process. Whether we are supporting healing environments in our neighborhood hospitals; designing corporate facilities and commercial spaces that generate economic opportunities; collaborating with universities to plan highly effective and technologically advanced facilities; supporting biopharmaceutical manufacturers to promote medical advancement; delivering fresh and sophisticated hotels, resorts, and conference facilities; or addressing energy efficiency, operation, and capacity requirements of mission critical facilities, we are committed to a secure and sustainable built environment.
Community Design ServicesOur Community Design experts know how to create value for our clients and the community because we live here too. Our knowledge runs deep: not only of our communities, local political climate, and policies that impact a project's progress, but also of the technical requirements for success through the development and approval processes. Our Community Design specialists work collaboratively with our clients on all aspects of project development while balancing the needs of the community and the environment. Our surveyors, engineers, and transportation experts lay the groundwork for infrastructure, while our planners create designs using knowledge of local regulations to navigate approvals. Our environmental scientists restore and preserve sites. Our public participation experts engage stakeholders to build consensus. Our landscape architects, architects, and project managers bring designs to life. The experts who provide these services are among the best in their fields. We're proud to have them on our team, and you'll be glad to have them on yours.
Environmental ServicesWe know what's required, and we excel at finding ways to match those requirements with project goals. You could say we know a little something about the environment. Our passion for it drives our work. When we're gathering data to permit a new facility or collaborating on a plan to remediate an old one, we're helping find the balance between progress and protection. Out in the field, we take time to understand the site. When we know the conditions, we can make recommendations that minimize or eliminate changes for you. Safety is also key: the ongoing commitment we've made to safety procedures extends from personal protective equipment to the Green Hand program for training our new field staff. Grounded by safety, quality, and ethics, we come up with solutions that perfectly fit the site. Whether it's preparing a complex permit application, monitoring a site during construction, or designing a decommissioning plan, our team's got the environment down to a science.
Airfield ElectricalYou know what's in front of and around you. There's comfort in that. So we partner with airports all over to make sure that safety and security is there, for pilots and passengers alike. Through our design of airfield approach lighting systems and navigational aids (NAVAIDs), the operational and safety characteristics of an airport are greatly enhanced. Our airport electrical engineers are recognized for their expertise and experience in airfield lighting, electrical vault design/upgrade, approach lighting systems, NAVAIDs, and airfield lighting control and monitoring systems. And we don't stop there. We've assisted in the update and revisions of various Federal Aviation Association (FAA) Advisory Circulars pertaining to airfield electrical design standards. Similar services were provided to U.S. Department of Defense officials in related military design manuals.
Airport Retail Concession PlanningThis is what today's passenger expects, so an effective and attractive retail program is an important part of any modern commercial airport terminal. The ingredients for success are simple—blend award-winning airport terminal design expertise with proven experience in high-visibility, high-impact, and high-performance retail design. Few companies have what it takes to successfully combine these ingredients. We do. From the retail master plan to the individual tenant design guidelines, we know how to create places where passengers can relax over a meal or drink, make a few purchases, or rejuvenate with a massage. Our concession planning approach puts the right mix of stores in the right places, in a way that celebrates local culture while complementing the airport's design. The result? An airport that elevates the passenger experience while maximizing revenue potential.
Airport Retail Tenant DesignWe know airports. And we know retail. So we know that successful airport retail store design needs to draw from both pools of knowledge, equally. Even within a single airport, signage zones, storefront feature zones, blade signs and closure lines take on different meanings in pre-security and post-security areas, and in stores that are located within holdrooms versus in-line food and beverage installations. Passengers passing through each of these areas have different priorities, which lead to different dwell times and flow routes. We design stores for airports, stores that understand passengers. To draw in passengers, airport stores must successfully project their own brand identity while respecting the local circumstances and brand identity of the airport. We believe that airport retail programs can successfully combine global brands with local flair and flavor. Our services, from award-winning interior design to image branding and development, make airport retail work.
Airport Terminal Design“Getting there is half the fun,” right? The right airport can complement a great travel experience by making it easy for passengers to find their way through check-in, bag drop, security, and to their gate, and by providing opportunities to eat, shop, and relax along the way. We don't just design the terminal, we design the entire passenger experience. That's why our airport designs consistently rank in the top 10 in independent passenger satisfaction surveys. We integrate important features directly into our designs, like intuitive wayfinding, art installations, and retail, food, and beverage facilities that deliver the level of quality and variety that sophisticated customers expect. We collaborate with our clients and all airport stakeholders—passengers, airlines, authorities having jurisdiction, tenants, and the local community—whether we're designing a renovation, expansion, or new terminal building. And when it's time to build, we know how to plan the work for the least possible disruption to airport operations. We can't control missed connections or weather delays, but when your passengers are “stuck at the airport,” we do all we can to make sure they don't feel that way.
Airside EngineeringWhich is why it takes such specialized engineering skill to ensure each take off occurs without incident. At Stantec, we work hard to keep every leg of the passenger journey safe and efficient. We design runways, taxiways, and aprons; lighting and navigational aids; and refueling systems; and perform safety area studies and upgrades; utility engineering, and pavement management studies with the passenger first and foremost in our minds. We're always looking for improved ways of doing things. As part of our spearheading of research and development to study the potential benefits of using Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) on airport construction projects, we recently prepared a special study at Logan International Airport on the environmental benefits and construction efficiencies of using WMA pavements. Keeping airports open and safe during these projects is essential, and we create logical and realistic phasing plans that reduce impacts to airport operations, all while making safety a priority.
Alternative Project Delivery P3/PFI/IPD - HealthcareHealthcare is a risky business. When expanding or renovating your buildings, speed and cost control is the name of the game. Stantec has successfully deployed a variety of strategies for project delivery: CM at risk, design-build, Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), and design/build/finance/operate. Combined with our use of Building Information Modeling (BIM), our IPD experience has demonstrated significant improvements in construction and design outcomes. We apply many of the beneficial IPD principles to each of the delivery systems including collaborative decision-making, early involvement of key participants, intensified early planning, open and enhanced communication, and jointly developed and validated targets. We think nobody has done more Public-Private Partnerships (P3) or alternative-finance procurements in healthcare than we have. Our P3 and private finance initiative healthcare experience includes $7 billion in construction as an owner's advisor and $3 billion in construction as the proponent's designer across Canada, US, UK, and Australia.
Baggage Systems DesignAnd we're always thinking of ways to make that trip more efficient, more accurate, and safer. From conveyor design restraints to sorting and screening requirements, from coordination with existing building systems to accommodating future terminal system expansion, we've met the challenges that make baggage system design so specialized. We use that understanding to create solutions that meet the financial, functional, and operational goals of airport designers, operators, airlines, and other stakeholders. Feasibility studies. Structural analysis. Simulation modeling. We use the most effective tools to incorporate the design of baggage systems seamlessly into the early planning stages of an airport terminal project; this means baggage system design is integrated into every design decision. So relax. We've got baggage.
Building Information Modeling (BIM)We see the opportunity through BIM to effectively engage the client, project team, and stakeholders and to produce better coordinated and integrated design solutions. It's the key to unlocking your building's potential. Using this powerful technology, we can help you move your project forward, improve your operations, and capitalize on opportunities. BIM can influence how designers, builders, and owners approach collaboration, processes, information exchange, technology, and design. The power of BIM is the ability to link parametric data to virtual 3D objects. To take full advantage of this technology, one should think of it as a collection of data that defines a project. Leveraging this data (the “I” in BIM) is the key to optimizing the benefits of BIM.
Civil EngineeringWe create communities by planning, developing, designing, and implementing the infrastructure needed to sustain their growth. Designing these components is best described as controlling the horizontal and vertical features of the infrastructure you see at ground level, and the infrastructure you can't see underground. Our civil engineers are involved in specifying and designing streets, sidewalks, water supply networks, sewers, municipal solid waste management and disposal, and stormwater management. Although standards and best practices provide guidance for the design of civil infrastructure, each project has its own unique challenges. Each site is different, and the restrictions can range from vertical terrain issues to a lack of existing infrastructure for new development. We analyze every project and recommend the best approach for completing a competent design that also makes sense. Watch us dig in to find new techniques and software programs, and loop in our extensive resource pool to tackle the issues. Some call it drive, but the bottom line is we're open to new ideas and techniques that will help provide you with optimal results.
Commissioning & ValidationWe're working with clients to optimize building systems for code compliance, performance, scalability, comfort, and energy efficiency in new construction and analyze existing buildings for optimal operational and maintenance procedures, providing recommendations for improvement. We document system performance to verify it's achieving its intended purpose and operational requirements. We work with your operational personnel to provide orientation and support as they begin to operate with their new or improved workplace. Our services include commissioning, validation, performance bench marketing and capacity planning, building systems studies and evaluations, mechanical and electrical retrofit tender document preparation, energy audits, capital cost analysis, and life cycle costs. By offering this suite of comprehensive services we're helping clients optimize operations, reduce risk, and improve cost-effectiveness.
Control System IntegrationIndustrial manufacturers depend on compliant, predictable, and cost-effective methods for controlling, monitoring, and recording manufacturing conditions and critical processes. From simple machine control to complex process and automation, our designs incorporate manufacturing and production technologies that seamlessly integrate control systems and data management. We understand the process and engineering design aspects of control system development and its applications. Whether it's a stand-alone installation of one piece of equipment or the integration of an entire production line, we can design and build a control system that's accurate, versatile, and expandable for your needs. Using a powerful and flexible database analysis tool, we help to resolve root causes of costly interruptions. We expedite critical analysis vital for manufacturers to succeed in today's demanding environment. With our control-reliable design, you'll have peace of mind, knowing that your regulatory, operator, production, and future growth requirements are compliant.
Electrical EngineeringWe can work with you to create intelligent facilities that improve your bottom line. Our electrical engineering designs keep safety, energy efficiency and dependability top of mind, as we aim to help you use less, while accomplishing more. Offering service such as, electrical servicing and distribution design, advanced automation, controls, and systems integration, allows us to work together with you to formulate strategies that conserve energy and reduce electrical costs, while creating safe and comfortable work environments. Advanced technology is used to design your electrical system and determine how power will be generated throughout your facility. We design and program the system integration to keep your operations running, including backup generation and UPS. We conduct arc flash studies, provide hazardous classification reviews, and design remediation programs to ensure safety. Our network and CCT system design make facilities and communities more secure. Indoors and outdoors become brighter with our lighting systems. We provide powerful solutions for your electrical needs.
Energy Audit and AnalysisFor existing buildings, our in-house evaluation is used to reveal how much energy a facility is currently consuming then identifies ways to reduce energy and water usage. We establish realistic reduction targets, along with a host of conservation strategies. Working together, we'll evaluate each strategy against your building's unique circumstances to select the most reasonable options. This includes recommendations for improvements, probable costs, and plans for ongoing rate monitoring. For new buildings, we use energy modeling to predict consumption levels. Together, we'll establish reduction goals and apply methods to conserve energy facility wide. Our customized modeling considers the operations at individual plants. Interestingly, two facilities owned by the same company may have differing procedures. We recognize that fact. Every energy model we develop is custom to your specific facility and process. Often the largest potential savings is in the process equipment and operation. We leverage years of process experience to optimize the potential in your process. We understand the energy related issues in the built environment. Our customized audits, energy engineering, commissioning, and analyses can help your facility personnel to operate the building with optimum efficiency, and in turn realize significant operational savings.
Environment, Health and SafetyAnd accident rates, insurance premiums/losses, and lost work days decrease. A poor safety record can really impact your bottom line and corporate image - something we strive to help you avoid. We have certified industrial hygienists, safety professionals, toxicologists, and other specialists developing practices that can limit your risks and liabilities. Rules change and new ones develop. Using research on current legislation, recent trends, and emerging technologies we work with you to find solutions that maintain compliance and meet your long-term economic goals. We evaluate facilities, operations, and equipment for risk exposure, offer recommendations for hazard control, lead employee training, assist with implementation of action plans, and conduct monitoring for noise and regulated substances. Providing services to industrial, transportation, mining, oil & gas, and power, as well as federal, state/provincial and local governments, Stantec helps you create and maintain safe and healthy workplaces and communities.
Facilities EngineeringStantec knows that the key components of an industrial facility are process equipment, building, site development, and utilities. Stantec combines site development impacts, environmental issues, regulatory requirements, and improved process efficiencies to develop sustainable facilities that are sensitive to our clients' business needs. Industrial facilities are planned, designed, and implemented through the coordinated efforts of Stantec's experienced team of architects and civil, environmental, mechanical, I&C, and electrical engineers. Stantec's unique combination of process expertise and industrial experience enables us to reduce capital costs and optimize life cycle operating costs. Stantec's services include: project management; industrial site development; industrial plant design; regulatory approvals; environmental engineering; code compliance and building audits; utility and energy audits; central utility plant supply and distribution; structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering; fire protection; industrial ventilation; transition planning; and facility maintenance support.
Hazardous Material ManagementWe share your value that the safety of employees, customers, visitors, and the community at large is a crucial element in the design of science and technology facilities. Value motivates us every day as we develop appropriate measures to manage the hazardous materials that are used in your labs and manufacturing facilities. While the proper use and storage of hazardous materials is required by building codes for laboratory, science, and biopharmaceutical facilities, we know that hazardous material management is the right thing to do, a critical safety consideration within science and technology buildings. Intrinsic to planning and design, the safe use and storage of hazardous materials is expected, and we deliver on that expectation through our extensive knowledge and experience with building codes and standards, with building construction, with integrated design of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, and with creative problem solving. We are driven not only by your values but also by our own core values, the first of which is building long-standing relationships with our clients by communicating openly and viewing each project as a unique entity.
Industrial SafetyOur industrial safety specialists help manage risks to protect the well-being of employees, minimize lost-time costs, reduce corporate and personal liability, and increase productivity. Our team collaborates with you and your vendors early in the design phase to ensure safety requirements are satisfied without impacting production or maintenance activities. Our workshops and training sessions, which address critical issues such as risk assessment, pre-start health and safety reviews, and current legislation, help all project stakeholders become aware of the desired end results and what it takes to get there. Stantec includes industrial safety specialists; electrical, mechanical, and structural engineers; and certified industrial hygienists. As subject matter experts, our staff are active on technical committees of key CSA machine-safeguarding standards and experienced with safety control systems and safety PLC programming and review. They perform risk assessments, HAZOPs, arc flash studies, lock-out, process ventilation and fire prevention, code-compliance audits, and safety upgrades to help you comply with regulations.
Integrated DesignWhen mechanical engineers work with architects right from the start to incorporate mechanical systems into the design of highly complex research and science buildings, that's integrated design. This approach to science and technology design benefits everyone, from our clients, to the community of users, to every one of us who has or will ever need a cutting-edge medical treatment or cure. That's a tall order, but it is indeed at the very heart of our integrated design services, particularly for facilities in which highly controlled heating and ventilation, flexibility, and energy efficiency are critical. Integrating complex mechanical systems with architectural elements in the initial building design not only saves energy, costs and space, but also creates a more organized, better functioning system so that critical research and information is not lost, even in emergencies. Building strong partnerships is as important as building state-of-the-art mechanical systems. The trust and collaboration that those relationships require are what help us address the challenges of our work in these unique buildings.
Integrated Infrastructure DesignAt Stantec, our teams work with clients to design infrastructure that is resilient, efficient, and innovative. We believe that progressive design means developing the best possible project and helping our clients to determine if they are selecting the right project in the first place. The best design not only addresses the challenge at hand. It should fit with and enhance the local community, and integrate with other existing infrastructure networks and assets. We employ a number of cutting-edge tools, technologies, and processes in our holistic design process. Chief among these is the Envision™ sustainable infrastructure framework and rating system – a system built by academic and industry practitioners and embraced by some of North America's leading cities and regions. Envision™ supports us to draw on the technical experience of expert cross-disciplinary teams in every sector to deliver pioneering designs that strengthen the communities in which we live. We know that our integrated infrastructures have to stand the test of time. At Stantec we are designing tomorrow, today.
Landside EngineeringThat's why the infrastructure surrounding an airport – the roadways, parking lots and garages, walkways, and hangars – and the infrastructure underneath the airport (utilities and drainage) are so important. They're often the first thing your passengers experience, and we want that first impression to be positive and lasting. We make it easier to start the journey. We've developed bypasses and roundabouts, urban connectors and intersection upgrades for many primary, secondary, and local roadways along with upgraded access for numerous airports. No one's getting lost on our watch. And we look at the whole site, completing engineering analyses to identify existing on-site and off-site utilities. The potential for system upgrades to meet current and future project demands. Efficient utility corridors. We give the same scrutiny to parking facilities, creating spaces that welcome passengers, make them feel secure as they leave their vehicles to begin the next phase of their journey. We understand the need to create a seamless travel experience from landside to airside and, safely home again.
Lighting DesignTo appreciate the importance of light, it's important to understand why and how people use a space. We design architectural lighting solutions for projects ranging from urban streets to high-end retail, signature performing arts centers to world-class museums and beyond. In every project, light is located with care, using human perception as our guide. With light, we create safer, more appealing spaces that fulfill functional needs and go further, giving life, vitality and spirit to neighborhoods and communal gathering spots. Deeply committed to sustainable solutions – energy-conscious planning, daylighting and preserving the nighttime sky are just a few of our strategies to improve resource use while demonstrating greater respect for the environment.
Master PlanningYou get to see a variety of routes before you have to commit to any one in particular, and you might even find roadways that you didn't know existed, opening up new opportunities and enhancing your trip. When clients recognize the need for new, expanded or upgraded facilities involving either renovations or new construction, but need help envisioning exactly how to proceed, we listen very carefully and develop a master plan to assist in realizing goals. Depending on what we learn from you, as well as from your users, we develop a customized master plan. Additionally, with our technical expertise in master planning and a thorough understanding of relevant codes, regulations, engineering, and environmentally responsible requirements, we can help you to envision a wide range of possibilities. Understanding is crucial to a successful master plan. We know that deciding which alternate is best often involves more than costs and schedules. To assist you in this regard, we develop a decision making matrix that identifies the project attributes that best describe a successful project.
Mechanical EngineeringOur mechanical engineering team has been the driving force behind some of the most influential projects in North America. Whether it is a high-tech or low-tech solution, we're working with our clients to improve the communities in which we live. We apply engineering strategies to conserve natural resources, create healthier spaces, and reduce operational costs. We deliver value by creating an intelligent building that continues to deliver substantial savings year after year. As one of North America's leading sustainable design firms, we are committed to energy-conscious practices. In an increasingly complex world, we take inspiration from natural systems – building upon the simple ideas that have kept our ecosystem in balance through time. Our services include building systems design and assessments, natural ventilation and daylighting design, solar shading analyses, detailed thermal analyses, life cycle costing, LEED® energy modeling and documentation, and a host of specialized mechanical design services.
Military Planning & ProgrammingTo address anything from plans for large installation-wide populations of over 30,000 persons down to small specialized facility plans. We have traveled across the United States, Asia, and the Middle East to support Department of Defense missions. Our master planning and programming projects for the U.S. Army Special Operations Command have taken us from coast to coast. With more than 40 years of combined experience in all aspects of Military Planning and Programming, we have the capacity and resources to complete projects of varying size and scope. We have developed master plans for remote expeditionary facilities to serve deployed U.S. Air Force contingency operations. We provided Master plans for the Department of Defense Educational Activity (DoDEA) to serve the families of warfighters in their home communities throughout the eastern U.S. and the Caribbean region. Our Net Zero Energy Installation Plans for U.S. Army Garrisons at Grafenwoehr and Hohenfels, Germany are on the leading edge of the effort to improve energy security at all installations worldwide.
Process EngineeringFrom fermentors and bioreactors to purification and sterilization schemes, our process engineers are well versed in the requirements of these technologies and build them into our designs. We bring you a solid understanding of cGMP's and worldwide regulatory bodies to ensure designs meet exacting industry standards. We become part of your team - partnering with your project managers, facility engineers, vendors and compliance specialists to ensure the job's done right. You will appreciate our experience in developing process flow diagrams, piping and instrumentation diagrams, equipment and control configurations, and material handling systems. Our PLC/DCS programming, simulation and 3-D design test the viability of your facility design before high-cost construction begins. It doesn't end there. We can also assist with equipment selection and procurement, equipment fabrication and construction documents, scheduling, programming, commissioning, feasibility studies, and cost analysis of systems or system upgrades. Our full-service capabilities include plant layouts, containment/isolation systems, hazard analysis, process piping, safety systems, and installation of instrumentation, piping and wiring.
Process Simulation & ModelingWe create the mathematical model of the manufacturing process and use that model to simulate the process over a range of scenarios, allowing accurate forecasting of the effects of design decisions. In this way, we can optimize designs, de-bottleneck the process, and evaluate the impact of throughput changes or process modifications. Better still, our clients not only gain a fuller understanding of their process and project, but also avoid the unintended consequences that often result from seemingly innocuous issues. Because we are process designers, we understand process design issues. The hardest part of this effort is tech transfer – getting full disclosure of what is going on in the process. To overcome this challenge, we use an extensive set of tools to collect process information from owners, and we conduct interactive model review sessions to validate the model against reality. The creation of the model is not the end goal – an optimized design is.
Program & Project ControlsThey help you manage planning, design, procurement, construction, and commissioning. They provide predictive cost forecasting and trending. And they help you monitor and manage risk, all with the help of project management systems and processes chosen to meet your specific needs. This way, if challenges do arise, you can make timely and informed decisions about what to do. But don't ask us. Ask our client, Janice Oliver, the now-retired executive director of the Canadian Opera House Corporation: “Stantec's project controls processes enabled us to see at all times where we were and where we were going.”
ResilienceExtreme weather events like Katrina, Irene, Sandy, and the Alberta floods—plus droughts, economic downturns, infrastructure decay, aging populations, hackers, earthquakes, terrorism, and more—draw our attention to a growing movement in architecture and engineering: resilience. So what do we talk about when we talk about resilience? We believe resilience is the capacity of people, communities, institutions, businesses, and systems to endure, adapt, and thrive regardless of chronic stresses and acute shocks that occur. Stantec's work—professional consulting in disaster response and recovery, resilience assessment, mitigation, and design—unites infrastructure, environmental, and quality of life improvements to advance community resilience across the globe. We deploy emerging approaches such as the planning and assessment tool Envision to help our communities evaluate, measure, and track progress towards resiliency.
Structural EngineeringWe believe successful solutions do more with less. Our structural team actively reviews and applies the latest in structural technologies to assist the delivery of new, renovated or rehabilitated structures. We start by determining your goal. Are you looking for specialized structural analysis? Earthquake and vibration control? A blast resistant or cable supported structure? A dome and tension fabric structure design? We're up for it. We also design foundations and flooring for heavy equipment, pits and trenching, and complex support systems. Experienced and versatile, we will provide you with a facility that is efficient and functional – the optimal environment for your staff, customers, and the communities you serve. Our goal is continuous innovation and improvement – we're focused on bringing the latest technologies to every project we design.
Sustainable SolutionsWhether a new development or renewal, we provide consulting services at every scale of the built, natural and organizational environments. Whether you are interested in LEED®, Green Globes, BREEAM or you're just interested in becoming more sustainable, we have a team of experts ready to advise and guide you through the process. We're thinking about how to leverage alternate energy systems design, building performance analysis, daylighting strategies, energy audits, efficient lighting systems design, energy performance and modeling, green roofs, grey and black water systems, indoor environmental assessments, life cycle costing, natural ventilation design, photovoltaics, solar and wind energy, to change our future. Why? Because if the building stock in North America were upgraded to achieve a 20% reduction in potable water consumption we could save 3 trillion gallons of water, because if we all used mugs or glasses versus paper cups we could save more than 52 million trees annually, because 1,265 lives could be saved each year if a 20% increase in daylighting in hospitals resulted in just a 1% reduction in medical errors. We're making a difference, one project at a time – for ours and future generations.
Information and Communication TechnologyTechnology is the invisible thread that connects each of us to the world around us. It brings efficiency to our infrastructure and buildings, to our processes and increasingly shapes the way we experience the world. Information and communications technology (ICT) integrates telecommunications, intelligent building management systems, security and audio-visual systems. Though you may not see it, every building that you step into employs ICT through security and fire alarm management, audio and video processing, transmission and network based control, even the telephone and internet. Why is ICT important? Smarter buildings can operate more efficiently, improve operational efficiency and provide the enabled environments which fuels discovery and innovation. Increasingly it is technology that connects us to each other and to the broader world around us. It is changing the way we do business, receive care, teach, learn and travel from A to B. What does the future hold? We believe, it has unlimited possibility - with smarter buildings and infrastructure to connect us, raise awareness and transform business operations. Let us show you how.
Design VisualizationThrough design visualization, clients and stakeholders can picture the building they'll work in, the bridge they'll drive over, the neighborhood their kids will play in, and the campus that becomes a home away from home. Changes to design can be seen and understood immediately. When the project stakeholders can envision the end result of the design work, community excitement and project support builds. With our in-house team of filmmakers, animators, 3D modelers, and application engineers, we can produce a range of products, from cinematic photorealistic films and building renderings, to data-driven facility fly-throughs. These tools help clients, stakeholders, and others involved in the process to quickly gain an understanding of the design direction, upon which solid solutions can be built.
GeomaticsOn, above, and below the earth's surface – we provide surveying and mapping to define land boundaries, earth's physical features, and the built environment. Armed with tools like GPS, GIS, 3D laser scanners, and aerial photogrammetry, we deliver innovative solutions for remote and challenging environments or complex urban settings. Our projects are as broad as the places we work including residential, industrial, highway, rail, aviation, utility and power, environmental, oil and gas, federal, and institutional. Geomatics is the science of collection, analysis, display, and management of spatial information. The art is interpreting this information for legal matters of land definition or to support mapping, design, or construction activities. Addressing unique logistical and technical aspects of each project, our experts offer services that include boundary and cadastral surveys, topographic mapping, construction staking, residential builder layout, ALTA/ACSM surveys, 3D laser scanning, geodetic and control surveys, route surveys, as-built surveys, aerial photogrammetric mapping, water rights surveys, hydrographic/bathometric mapping, and subsurface utility engineering.
Landscape ArchitectureLandscape Architecture combines beauty and function with sustainability. At Stantec, we create inspired landscapes that reflect context and user needs. Through analysis, planning, and design, we create sustainable environments that are functional, innovative, and attractive. Whether it's wayfinding at a college campus, a healing garden on a hospital's green roof, a monument in an urban park, or an athletic complex, our landscape architects make valuable contributions to the quality of life in our communities. Our range of projects is broad - including neighborhood and community design, urban design, park and recreation planning and design, resort design, landscape reclamation and restoration, heritage conservation, as well as landscape assessments and development plans. We are helping our clients achieve their unique project goals for the design, organization, and use of spaces. From concept and design development through to construction drawings and contract administration, we generate creative ideas that are economically viable and environmentally responsive.
Public ParticipationChange often comes with stress and uncertainty. Our public participation specialists work with our clients to develop and implement communication and consultation plans that allow people affected by change to understand, influence, and accept it. When a new development is planned or new building built, the community wants to know how it will affect traffic, the environment, and their daily lives. When a new park is planned, users want to be involved to create a space that meets their needs. By being involved from the conceptual stage of a project, we raise awareness and understanding of the project's impact, define and manage expectations, and build trusting relationships between those impacted by the project and those building it. We use traditional and non-traditional methods from public meetings, focus groups, and open houses to web surveys and social media to share information and ensure all affected groups have a say in a forum that works for them. In doing so, views and concerns can be expressed to inform decision-making and build consensus. The result is a project that is viable and more likely to be accepted by a community that feels like it had a voice.
Urban DesignUrban design represents a unique way of looking at the towns and cities where we work: In the midst of economic and social change, we identify opportunities to improve livability, expand economic opportunity and equity, and promote environmental responsibility. We help our clients clarify values and craft visions both achievable and compelling. Our plans and designs advance community visions beautifully—whether for a Main Street, a neighborhood, or an entire downtown—but they also pay off in other ways. When Transit Oriented Developments lift real estate values, a community gains jobs and new revenues that can underwrite more affordable housing. When Complete Streets invite people to leave their car at home and walk, bike or use transit, then public health gets a boost and our carbon footprint shrinks. When imaginative design turns a brownfield into a leafy riverbank park, or a seawall into an elegant esplanade, quality of life rises and environmental threats recede. Our urban design team creates spaces, networks and infrastructure that connect people to each other and equip communities to thrive socially, economically and environmentally.
Urban Land EngineeringWe transform land into real projects – a fit between physical site conditions, public expectations, fiscal requirements, and environmental constraints. From residential and commercial developments to industrial, recreational, resort, and institutional projects, our experience is broad. Our site and infrastructure solutions are key to the financial viability of a project and innovative infrastructure and stormwater management solutions not only form the framework for the site, they help define the final design. Using technology to enhance our design and implementation skills, we save our clients money and increase their return on investment. Whether for a new phase, new neighbourhood, or new city, we offer services that add value to a project including infrastructure design, construction observation, contract administration, land and earthworks analysis, stormwater management, and studies for feasibility, servicing, drainage, property development potential. Creating solutions that are environmentally responsible, functional, and technically sound, we are shaping the landscape of our communities.
Archaeology & PaleontologyTree-ring analysis (dendrochronology) can be interpreted alongside historical documents with surprising accuracy. Suddenly it's not abandoned anymore, but a home with a history that can be recorded and preserved. Heritage resources include precontact, historic, and palaeontological sites, which are protected under provincial/state, territorial, and federal legislation. During one archaeological assessment we looked at over 5,000 artifacts and two structures from 2,500 to 3,000 years ago. We practice respectful collection and interpretation of information and share past and present cultural diversity with future generations. Studying the predecessors of today's animals is equally as informative. A toothed whale (odontecetes) might be from the early Miocene Epoch, but we can easily imagine what it looked like. Without paleontology though, we could never envision a Tyrannosaurus Rex. In reality, we wouldn't even know he existed. Bone, half a metre in length, can lie buried underneath your feet for thousands of years, without notice. Stantec is working with developers to ensure that we can build new and preserve old.
Assessment, Permitting & ComplianceWhen we work with you to prepare permit applications and environmental assessments, the primary goal is to obtain sufficient information to meet regulatory requirements. We provide permitting strategy, environmental assessment and application preparation, and technical support for projects requiring municipal, provincial/state and federal environmental approvals and licenses. We have excellent working relationships with regulatory agencies throughout North America and these relationships help us to create an effective approach to securing regulatory approvals. Early identification of constraints, client goals, regulatory agency needs, and stakeholder issues allows us to address problems before they can knock a project off course. Solid, defensible applications need data to back them up. Stantec has the in-house expertise and experience in collecting and analyzing data on the atmospheric, aquatic, terrestrial, and socioeconomic environments for input to environmental assessments and regulatory applications. From there, we can design management and monitoring programs for the life of a project.
Asset ManagementFrom the activation of an asset, through to decommissioning, we provide complete management services to ensure you get the most from your assets. We transition projects from construction to commissioning and startup, achieve and maintain optimal performance straight through to layup and decommissioning. Our work ensures that your assets continue to perform as planned. No matter what lifecycle phase your assets are in, we have the expertise needed to keep them performing according to your plans. Whether it is comprehensive plant services for a combined cycle gas plant, asset management services for coal-fired facility, or the upgrading or decommissioning of an end of life high voltage substation, we have the experience and the local knowledge to service your assets no matter where they are located, or what kind of service they require. From due diligence and operation and management support, to outage planning and management, straight through to layup and decommissioning you can rely on us to keep your assets and your business at peak performance.
Atmospheric EnvironmentImpact assessments look more deeply at the effects on human receptors. Specialists model and measure releases into the atmosphere using approved techniques from federal and state/provincial guidelines. By modeling worst and alternate case scenarios for you, we can help create an overall risk communication plan. Specifically, dispersion and odour models factor in emissions, weather data, and terrain profiles to develop management strategies for air quality. Indoor air quality investigations address nuisance odours, mold, and unexplained illnesses from occupants. Acoustical/noise analysis helps uncover the best noise control options by reviewing source and terrain conditions. Renderings and baseline light measurements help determine facility lighting that is more efficient, and less visible. Across energy and resource, infrastructure, and building sectors, atmospheric analyses assist in establishing optimal operating conditions for facilities experiencing atmospheric releases.
Construction QA/QC Monitoring & Inspection ServicesOur construction QA/QC monitoring and inspection services help put project owners at ease. We're on site looking out for your specific interests and ensuring that the project will stand the test of time for you and the community. We've been providing geotechnical and materials QA/QC services for decades. Our team includes hundreds of experienced geotechnical and materials engineers, engineering geologists, technicians and support personnel. We're regularly performing onsite soil density testing of a compacted fill, performing concrete testing, inspecting the installation of landfill geotextile liners, and inspecting the installation of piles and rock anchors. We also maintain and run in-house advanced materials laboratories to perform acceptance testing of soil, aggregate, concrete, and asphalt. In short, we have the ability to locate aggregate sources, verify the quality of construction materials, and perform the specialized laboratory testing necessary to meet the requirements of any project.
Ecosystem Restoration & Land ReclamationOur aquatic and wildlife biologists, plant ecologists, engineers, hydrologists, geomorphologists, and other specialists aren't afraid to look outside the norm to address the impairments in a way that builds on the strengths of the unique environment. Working with provincial/state and federal agencies, restoring ecosystem functionality is our goal when we examine the leftover parts of a disturbed natural system and decide how it should fit back together. We have leading experts in all types of ecosystems, ranging from coastal systems to rivers and lakes; prairies to uplands and forests; and boreal forests to alpine and arctic environments. In the energy and resources sectors, reclamation of large scale disturbances is a critical component of life-cycle management. We can help you design for closure in tandem with your development and operation activities, keeping in mind traditional use and traditional knowledge. We make it our mission to understand the purpose and to tailor our design, whether it's a dam removal, river restoration, or site reclamation.
Environmental Risk Assessment & ToxicologyCovering everything from screening level to comprehensive risk assessments, we help you develop site-specific criteria for the management of potential health concerns. When chemical concentrations exceed standards set by provincial/state/federal authorities, decisions have to be made. The presence of a chemical in excess of a guideline doesn't mean that adverse effects to health will occur, but does suggest further evaluation. At sites where cleanup to generic criteria levels would be costly, we provide the technical resources to develop site-specific criteria instead. By reassessing the assumptions used in the generic criteria or generating site-specific toxicological data we can create custom clean-up levels. For sites with ecological risk we use in-house terrestrial toxicology laboratories to seamlessly incorporate bioassessibility and terrestrial toxicity testing. The underlying health risk assessment principles for planned projects are very similar to contaminated sites and look at exposure to contaminants in soil, sediment, water, air, and food.
Environmental Services for MiningWe go beyond “working” with the mining industry. We share our perspectives, values, and knowledge, and in the process, create a community behind a project. We are biologists, geologists, archeologists, hydrologists, engineers, geochemists, regulatory experts, risk assessors, and toxicologists. Our roles may differ, but together we share the land and the resources we mine. Our experience allows us to think of creative solutions for addressing regulatory, environmental, and community challenges in gold, silver, nickel, copper, zinc, coal, platinum, aggregate, diamonds, uranium, or potash mining operations. At all stages—exploration, planning, operations, closure—we work to keep your projects moving forward safely, and ensure the natural environment is preserved for generations to come.
Field ServicesWe've been providing field services for more than 15 years, with an experienced team who specializes in this type of work. So we know that lack of reliable and accessible engineering information for operating assets can decrease your ability to optimize or manage risk. Our team provides detailed field verification (as-building), critical drawing maintenance programs, metering and measurement. Detailed as-built drawings ensure that proper Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) reviews, site integrity reviews, future engineering designs as well as management of change (MOC) occurs on the most current version of critical engineering documentation. A drawing maintenance program will ensure that drawings are maintained and your initial project investment is protected.
Freshwater & MarineWe look at how flow and volume in oceans, rivers, lakes, streams, and wetlands can be impacted during project construction or operation and how it might affect growth, reproduction, bioenergetics, or survival of aquatic communities. By documenting existing conditions and determining potential impacts we develop avoidance and mitigation measures that are cost-effective but ensure protection of fish, aquatic invertebrates, and vegetation. Projects can also affect water quality. Our scientists, biologists, and technical staff use analytical chemistry and their toxicological expertise to study effects of organic and inorganic contaminants and emerging chemicals of concern. We maintain our own labs for taxonomic identification and sample processing of invertebrates and collaborate with academic partners to find new ways to measure and protect water quality. Based on our experience with power, transportation, mining, oil & gas, and federal/state/provincial work, we help you create viable projects that show how development and nature can coexist.
Geographic Information Systems & Information ManagementWhether through a Web portal or a geographic information system (GIS), we take data from multiple sources, work on it in layers, and create something unique to your requirements. With surprising speed, the numbers turn into maps that can represent key water crossings or setbacks, place species habitat concerns, and show property lines. Bringing all possible constraints to one place gets a discussion going. And because it's virtual, we can change parameters to find the right project layout. 3-D models will help you experience the site, before and after. We design secure Web portals or custom databases to collect, manage, and help you use information to make business decisions. Today, you need effective IM solutions to meet government guidelines. A needs assessment captures the vision of how technology can support your core objectives without reinventing process or spending a lot of money. So whether it's tracking public consultation comments, monitoring compliance, or designing an interactive map for land parcels, our conveyor belt will smooth out the production process.
Human EnvironmentAs projects in energy and resource, building, and infrastructure sectors move into closer proximity with existing developments and land-uses, public concerns are likely to increase. Taking time to learn more about our shared history builds stronger connections with our communities. By partnering with Aboriginal community members when we're tracking wildlife or monitoring vegetation for an assessment, we open a window into traditional knowledge. Our field crews learn to identify plants with traditional uses and see places of cultural significance. And socio-economic specialists work with local residents to ensure communities are not only undamaged, but benefit in sustainable ways. When we feel connected as a community, we work better together.
Site Investigation & InstrumentationOur site investigation and instrumentation services are extensive and at the forefront of the industry. We are continuously evaluating new site investigation technology along with time-tested, proven methods. By combining these methods we're confident in our designs and analyses. Whether you want to remotely keep an eye on the water levels in a high hazard dam embankment or ensure your new home is situated on stable ground, our engineers have the experience for this and everything in between. Our field inspectors and engineers are highly experienced in observing auger drilling, mud rotary, rock coring and many types of sampling. We understand the complex downhole situations that occur during the drilling process and can manage site investigations with multiple crews and challenging site conditions. We train our staff to work safely and to identify and correct safety concerns before they turn into incidents. Our end goal is to ensure site conditions are well understood and capture the necessary detail for engineering analyses that follow.
Site Management & RemediationWe use our expertise to investigate, plan and implement the right solution to your challenges. We consider remedial alternatives from innovative in situ methods and phytoremediation to tried and true options like pump and treat. Our experts in air quality, human health and ecological risk look at the project from every angle, above and below ground. We find you a cost effective way to manage long-term risk from residual impact. The site, contaminants, and surroundings are always different. We deliver a solution that fits the site – tailor-made.
Land PlanningPlanning is problem solving. It starts with a vision to improve our communities balanced with a promise to treat our land responsibly. To create careful and thoughtful options for right now as well as for the future, we take into account site conditions, public input, client needs, and project requirements. Through a collaborative process, we listen to the ideas of the community members and the goals of the stakeholders to provide creative solutions for our most precious and limited commodity — land. We facilitate positive outcomes that satisfy the needs of clients and approval agencies alike. It's about understanding the value of process, successful conflict resolution, collaboration and consensus building among all key stakeholders, while never losing sight of the goal to safeguard our natural resources. Because we live in the communities we serve, we feel strongly about responsible land planning. Our goal is to enhance the welfare of people and their communities by creating convenient, equitable, healthful, efficient, and attractive environments for present and future generations.
Pipeline Design & RoutingWe can do this because our team members have been in the industry for years. We've worked hard to earn the respect and trust of clients like Kinder Morgan, Caiman, Enbridge, Chesapeake, and Boardwalk Field Services. When we design a pipeline route, we take into account the environmental considerations, regulatory requirements, and your project goals before we hit the field. We know your project is on a tight schedule and budget, so the less time we can spend rerouting, the closer you get to a completed project. Our team will produce all the documents you need to get your pipeline in the ground and operating – construction alignment sheets, permit drawings, easement plats and engineering design drawings. Once you start construction, we'll be there to ensure it gets built right. We'll manage the construction activities, prepare the as-built survey, and the final as-built drawings. We take the best route, combining industry expertise with local knowledge to get it done right the first time.
Transportation Infrastructure EngineeringA teenager riding his bike over a major roadway by way of a multi-use path and pedestrian bridge. A man taking the train to visit his grandchildren. Different people, but with a shared goal: to get from Point A to Point B as quickly and safely as possible. We create the connections that get people and goods from here to there – whether by car, bus, train, plane, or their own two feet. Working within the context of the communities we serve, we provide planning, engineering, and infrastructure management services that fit the needs of our clients and improve the overall traveler experience. From major expressway and rural roadway projects to bridge rehabilitations, transit systems, and airport design, our focus is always on providing solutions that respect the local environment. And for us, simply engineering the various components of a transportation network doesn't equal success. We also need to meet the needs of the people traveling every day. Because Stantec isn't just a company; we're people, with the same goals as everyone else – to get where we're going, safely and efficiently.
Geotechnical EngineeringThe need for geotechnical services is everywhere, so we work in a variety of sectors across North America for new commercial and institutional sites, transportation facilities, flood control structures, mining developments, near shore and offshore structures, renewable energy developments, utility expansions, and water storage projects. Our services include traditional geotechnical applications, such as settlement, slope stability, seepage analyses, and foundation and retaining wall design. But what sets Stantec apart is the value-added services we provide in numerical modeling, deep foundation evaluations, seismic engineering, risk-based engineering and associated economic analyses, and other related design services. To us, succeeding means providing creative solutions to the people we work with, on schedule and within budget. We stay at the forefront of the industry to make sure your community improvements are built on solid ground.
Geotechnical Structure EngineeringWe have extensive experience designing shallow and deep foundations for civil engineering structures. Whether our clients require lateral load analyses, retaining wall design, pile load testing, structural fill design, machine foundation analysis and design, mine tailings, or design/construction of instrumentation—we're ready. Our engineers and technical staff are experienced with complex geologic and hydrogeologic sites across North America. With a broad background in numerical modeling, we quantify complex physical realities to understand risk and uncertainty. We regularly perform ultimate limit states, serviceability limit states, and load resistance factor design analyses, providing clients with confidence that their structures will meet design load and handle site conditions. We're experienced with geotechnical software packages, including seismic effects and soil-structure interactions. Our capabilities extend to saturated/unsaturated water flow, including coupled seepage and slope stability analyses.
Engineering Analysis & DesignWhether it comes to numerical modeling, seepage and stability analyses, design of machine foundations or nearly any other type of engineering analyses, we have professional staff that can help. We're skilled at helping our clients understand soil-structure interaction. We focus on the interaction of soil and rock with structures, whether it's supporting a residence on spread foundations, a heavily-loaded structure on deep foundations, or a dam or levee on native soils and bedrock. Our geotechnical and civil engineers interpret the findings of site investigations and laboratory testing as a basis to analyze and quantify the interaction of a proposed structure with the ground. In support of these analyses, we frequently utilize computer software to assess multiple modes of soil-structure interaction under design load cases relevant to the structure's performance.
Geohazard EngineeringHow safe is the ground beneath your feet? Geohazards are geological conditions that may lead to localized or widespread damage to property and threaten personal safety. From immediate hazards to longer-term risks, our geotechnical specialists assess risk factors and manage threats from landslides, earthquakes and seismicity, rock falls, slope instability, shallow gas accumulation, sink holes, ground subsidence and erosive forces. We work with clients to protect infrastructure such as roadways, homes, sewers and pipelines, as well as natural environments such as wetlands, valley systems and beaches. We use detailed field reconnaissance, intrusive site investigation and instrumentation together with geophysical and remote sensing techniques to identify hazards. We assess these risks using local experience and sophisticated modeling, partnered with our team focus on effective listening and open communication.
Soil & Materials Laboratory TestingWhile these materials are commonly used in our constructed environment, many factors can affect its end performance, quality and ability to satisfy design – such as experience of the contractor, local materials and methods of construction. That's where we come in. We're dedicated to providing independent, consistent and reliable assessment of construction materials for conformance to design specifications and standards such as ASTM, AASHTO, AWWA, and CSA. Equipped with accredited and ISO certified materials testing laboratories and advanced laboratories, we provide certified testing to applicable industry standards and associated test methods. Our laboratories are validated for testing various materials for the federal government as well as accredited with AASHTO, AMRL and CCIL. Whether you require traditional construction materials to be used following established standards, or are using innovative materials requiring development of novel testing methods, we provide practical, financially viable and sustainable solutions to clients.
Dams, Levees & ImpoundmentsToday, dams, levees and impoundments continue to play a critical role in community infrastructure. Effectively balancing recreation, safety, and economics, we provide a full range of geotechnical, water resources, civil, and environmental services for dams, levees, and other flood control structures. Backed by 50 years of experience, we work alongside clients to address flood control, water supply, recreational, mine spoil, and power by-product storage impoundments, as well as riverine levee and floodwall systems. Our experts form an integral part of dam safety initiatives across the globe, and have worked on many of the US Army Corps of Engineers highest risk systems. We resolve intricate issues for everything from complex seepage, stability, and risk issues at specific project sites, to policy guidelines and technical instructions for national dam safety programs. Whether we're defining safety standards and guidelines for FloodSAFE California or providing levee engineering for the Hurricane Katrina rebuilding effort, it all comes down to providing resilient, sustainable water management systems for our communities.
Material EngineeringYou'll find materials such as Portland cement concrete, construction aggregates, asphalt, and masonry form the building blocks of our communities. These materials can be found in all building applications—everything from roadways, bridge approach fills, parking lots, landfills, dams, airports to port infrastructure, structural fill building pads and residential developments. Our material engineers evaluate the quality of available and received products to determine its physical and chemical properties compared to specified limits published in applicable standards. From there, we provide recommendations to meet quality specifications for your project while incorporating cost, availability, and environmental factors.
Geotechnical Forensic EngineeringEven with sound engineering design and construction practice, changing ground conditions can negatively impact a project. Buildings settle or heave, basements leak, slopes fail, buried pipes break or collapse, walls crack, and sink holes appear. That's where we come in. Our geotechnical team analyzes distresses and failures related, in whole or in part, to ground conditions. We carefully examine technical aspects of the project, the location and surrounding infrastructure. We'll explore the history of the project, engineering design, construction methodologies and procedures, and operation and maintenance practices. Understanding the rules that direct design and construction and the contractual responsibilities among involved parties is a critical part of our work. Based on our analyses, we can determine causes of problems and define and assign appropriate level of legal responsibility. We regularly consult with experts and regulatory authorities, review contract documents and specifications, consult with and advise counsel in advance of legal proceedings, and provide expert witness and testimony in court.
Mine Waste Rock, Tailings & Coal Combustion Residuals ManagementWe recognize that safe, effective management of industry waste materials and by-products is vital to both industry and the communities they operate in. Whether working in mining, power and utilities, foundry, cement production, or other industry sectors requiring sound waste management, we've consistently demonstrated a holistic approach to develop management plans and design containment facilities. By linking our geotechnical capability with our environmental, civil, structural, geochemical, hydrogeological, and water resources expertise, we can meet any client need for waste management plans and design of waste disposal facilities. We're unwavering in our desire to mitigate environmental and human health risks while respecting the unique project considerations of a facility's operations and surrounding environment. Our designs incorporate use of proven and emerging technologies, potential reuse of waste materials, environmental footprint, short- and long-term cost, and community plans. We've aligned our services to partner with clients throughout the life of a project. By thinking big-picture, we see your project as part of a larger goal to promote sustainable development.
Rock Engineering & GeoscienceCovering the mining, oil and gas, transportation and building industries, we provide unique solutions for developments that require advanced engineering of bedrock. Our services range from foundation design, rock slope assessment and design, support design and testing, rock mass characterization to drilling supervision, core logging, rock testing, aggregate source assessments, geological mapping and risk assessment. We provide these services through all project phases from preliminary planning through to operations and decommissioning, and can act immediately on emergency responses. Our goal is to ensure the safe and feasible development of projects in and around bedrock. Our specialist team works seamlessly within our broader geotechnical practice to offer collaborative solutions for projects large and small.
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