AudioConexus Inc. Located at 177 Wellington St, 2nd Floor, KINGSTON,Ontario, K7L 3E3, , Kingston, Ontario. .

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AudioConexus Inc.

About Audioconexus Inc.

Audioconexus Inc. was established in year 2006

Audioconexus Inc. registered place of business address in record is: 177 Wellington St, 2nd Floor, KINGSTON,Ontario, K7L 3E3, Canada

Company Name AudioConexus Inc.
Establishment Number 234567102461
Website Visit AudioConexus Inc. Website
Phone 613-507-1300
Established Year 2006
Province Ontario
Address 177 Wellington St
2nd Floor
K7L 3E3
Business Activity Services
Conatct Person Ange Berlin (Vice President)
Phone Number 613-507-1300
Fax Number
Country of Ownership Canada
AudioConexus Inc. Company Services
ServiceService Description
Foreign Language TranslationGetting foreign language translation right is important for three reasons: 1. You can’t do literal translations of your English script, or your project will fail. 2. You need to write for the particular culture of the language. 3. You need storytellers that translate and adapt – not translators that aren’t story tellers. Why Translation Firms Don't Work When creating audio tours for more than one language, we have a well honed process in place to deliver high-quality tours that are fun and entertaining. Foreign language translation is completed using experienced storytellers and professional voice talents. Our foreign language translation methodology requires that two translators work together on every language translation for Quality Assurance. During this process, our translators are not doing literal translations of the script. This is because it takes less time to say something in English than in most other languages. Our foreign language storytellers capture the essence of stories, add meaning and context, while taking into consideration audience and cultural sensitivity. Writing For Language and Culture When we write for language and culture, we avoid things like slang, wordplay and puns. This is because they won’t be understood, or worse, may offend. Our focus is to make foreign language tours fun and entertaining, easy to understand, clear and familiar. After our foreign language script translations are done, we then vet our translated scripts through our voice talents. We take this additional step for Quality of Experience. Timing is Essential For GPS Tours Timing is essential for GPS tours. During our initial on-site visit, a Timing Template is created as a guideline for our writers. This timing guideline results from our on-site assessment of high and low traffic scenarios, tidal changes, alternative routes, tour stops, safety, announcements, and discrete ad placements to name a few. Our tour commentaries begin and end at the same time (in all languages). Storytellers Provide Better Foreign Language Translation Since it often takes more time to say the same thing in another language, a literal translation of English will not work. This is because literal foreign language translations of an English script will create audio segments that vary widely in lengths of time. When it comes to providing GPS tour entertainment we’re always thinking about your next point of interest. That’s why we developed a team of foreign language storytellers. Professional storytellers capture the essence of the story being told, in the allotted time. And they tell great stories the way your foreign language guests want to hear them. What this means is, we take culture into consideration during the translation process. What we say in English may not translate well in Japanese, or in fact, may be culturally insensitive. When we write foreign language tours, we write for language and culture.
GPS Multilingual Commentary SystemsAudioConexus delivers easy-to-use, technologically advanced GPS tour systems for mobile tour operators including boats, buses, trolleys, trams, and trains. Multilingual Commentary System - Hardwired This system facilitates automated, GPS triggered, pre-recorded audio commentaries that play at key points of interest along your sightseeing routes. This is a hard-wired system, with multilingual commentaries played on audio controllers at the seat back. The system has a variety of features including playing music between tour commentaries or on a separate channel or both. With a Driver Control Panel, manual operation of the system for off-route commentary and other features are included. Designed with two microphone inputs for live guide commentaries, three audio inputs for external devices such as iPods, CD, and DVD players, and one audio out for PA system commentary in any language, you’ll be amazed by the flexibility you have in a smaller, lighter design. TriggerPOINT TriggerPOINT Wireless is a portable, carry on, carry off multilingual GPS tour entertainment system. TriggerPOINT is designed specifically for mobile applications where portability and flexibility are essential in fleet management. The GPS commentary system removes the operational and visitor restrictions affiliated with hardwired solutions. You can provide audio tours over your existing Public Address (PA) System and to small wireless receivers and headsets. Our portable system can be moved from bus to bus as operational demands dictate.
Hand-held Audio GuidesThe AudioConexus hand-held Audio Guide is part of an easy-to-use, technically advanced and scalable audio interpretation system. This hand-held audio player features CD-quality audio sound, two stereo earphone jacks and 1 hidden speaker, ideal for two listeners sharing one device. The audio guides are scalable to 32 languages, with each language supporting 950 audio files! These lightweight audio guides are designed for the best possible visitor experience, providing visitors’ with an optional social experience using the speaker or a more intimate inclusive experience using headsets. Designed for all age groups, the hand-held audio guide includes quick and easy language and tour selection options providing attraction operators with the ability to offer up to 32 languages and/or tours from a single device.
HearMe Tour Guide SystemsMany of us have experienced the frustration associated with trying to hear and understand our tour guides. Group travelers often challenge their tour guides as they jockey for a position close enough to hear the guide’s live commentary. Tour guides, communicating with their groups, often have no alternative but to raise their voices to get their message heard. Introducing a simple way to provide better tours for your tour groups. HearMe is an easy-to-use wireless communication system designed specifically for tour groups, factory tours, outdoor excursions, employee training, language interpretation, conferences and trade shows to provide superior tours using wireless technology. Your wireless receiver's multi-channel design enables visitors to select the tour and/or language of their choice. An easy to use language selection switch is located on top of the receiver. The wireless system is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and allows a visitor to move around freely during the entire visit. Our tour guide system is designed for use by adults and children, by groups or individuals. Our wireless receivers are lightweight and are worn on a belt or around the neck with a lanyard. The body-worn wireless Transmitter will broadcast your driver, interpreter or tour guide’s voice to everyone in their group at a comfortable conversation speech level. The system is wireless and there is no microphone to carry. Guides speak to their entire group as if the group was an arms length away – communicating over distances as far as 80 metres in an open area. Excellent for driver led tours on or off the bus, walking tours, tour guide led tours, factory tours, outdoor events, classroom, training, and conferences – HearMe solves the following problems: background noise, distance; and reverberation. ieXplore also comes in a convenient 36-unit portable charger case and a 12-unit charger for smaller group applications. Up to 8 channels can be used simultaneously for multilingual or simultaneous language translation applications.
Infrared Audio Guides with IR, RF or RFID TriggeringAudio Guides. Automatically. Introducing an affordable audio guide that offers several ways to automatically trigger your audio so visitors get an effortless audio tour experience. Our new audio guide comes standard with features like infrared and remote alarm triggering for security, supporting up to 32 languages and topics. Bundled with free content management software, you can easily self-manage your audio guide equipment and audio tours. And best of all, you can set up remote triggers to automatically play audio tour commentary so your visitors get the best possible experience – on every tour. Great Audio Tours Are in the Details. A photo display, high fidelity Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, offering up to 20 hours of stereo audio playback with a built-in 2GB memory card. And optional larger memory cards for even more audio. Great sound from a built-in speaker or two earphone jacks available for couples and parents with kids. Backlit display and a raised dot on the number 5 to help people who are visually impaired find their way around the keypad. Lasting up to 12 hours on a single charge, audio guides are new in every way, making everything easier to interact with. Developed and designed specifically for on-site audio interpretation of museums, attractions and historic sites, this museum audio guide offers several possibilities for triggering commentary. This includes remote activation of your audio from infrared triggers, RF triggers and RFID (proximity) Tags. Changing languages is amazingly simple. Using your audio guide, simply tap a RFID card and Voila! You’re done. Audio guides also include alarm triggering on all devices (with the installation of a wire loop). And a dedicated “info” button provides visitors with helpful information. Audio Guide Chargers. Rack Mountable. 10 unit and 20 unit audio guide chargers are rack mountable and stackable. You can connect up to five 10 unit chargers from one power source – so you can connect and expand audio guide chargers on demand. Duplicating your data just got easier. No computer required. An optional 20 unit audio guide uploader provides fast mirroring. Load an audio guide and mirror 20 at a time. Change and update your content as often as you want. Just another reason why you can share and do just about everything.
Script WritingAudioConexus offers industry leading script writing services for entertaining and engaging audio tours. We've written scripts for GPS audio tours in Canada, the United States, Europe, Southern Asia, and Latin America. We've also written for museums, historic sites, and world renowned traveling exhibitions such as Genghis Khan, The Silk Road, Tang, Shipwrecked, and Salvador Dali to name a few. Script writing for audio tours is a specialized discipline. How so? When we think of writing, we often think of writing for books, magazines, newspapers, blogs, and short stories. This is generally referred to as “creative writing”. This style of writing is meant to be read silently – not heard. Creative writing relies on description to “paint the picture” of what’s going on, or what’s important. Script writing for tours requires less descriptive words, because the audience “gets the picture” with the additional benefit of professional voice talents and sound designers. Audio tour scripts consist of stories that are designed to be accompanied by music and sound effects. At AudioConexus, we call it: “writing for the ear”. “Writing for the ear” is different than writing for the mind’s eye. The audio tour script is designed to be integrated with music and sound effects, in order to create a moving, personal experience. A good script can mean the difference between a great tour and a tour that falls flat. Writers who have the expertise and the experience know how to tell fun, entertaining, and educational stories that sustain the interest of the audience. But even the best voice-over talent, music, or sound effects are useless, without a good audio tour script. People don’t respond well to the mere recitation of facts and figures. However, they always connect with well-told stories. You can count on a great story to capture the imagination of your audience.
Single Language GPS Commentary SystemAudioConexus provides sightseeing companies, mass-transportation, and shuttle operators with location-based (GPS) audio systems for high-quality, accurate and consistent messaging, advertising, and cross-promotional messages. Now you can significantly enhance visitor experiences while creating new revenue streams from sponsors and advertisers. The Single Language GPS Commentary System is a compact MP3 player that is vibration resistant, designed for rugged transportation routes and environments. Audio clips in MP3 format are easily stored on cards by simply copying files from your PC onto CompactFlash. The single language GPS tour system provides CD quality stereo sound. Some of its features include Auto-GPS Detection, a Driver/Captain/Guide Control Panel: an *optional control panel that provides manual play, pause and stop features for off-route commentary, promotions, and commentary you can play in high traffic situations, Remote Power-up Connection, RJ45 Ports, Relay Output Connection, and license free software. The system includes several new features including new AUX and USB Connections and random-play music between commentaries. AudioConexus delivers the world’s most advanced GPS (satellite technology) solutions, creating product differentiation, competitive advantage and prosperity for our partners.
Sound Design and Production (Multilingual)Our sound production studios have been recording, editing, and mixing award winning productions in the broadcasting, television, film and animation industries. Since 1996, we’ve also been producing multilingual audio tours for tourism’s leading companies. Companies like Merlin Entertainment, the Sands Corporation, and the Dole Plantation. We’ve also worked with many smaller operators who simply want the very best in entertainment for their passengers. What we’ve found though, throughout the years, is that what we do almost seems like magic, behind closed doors, where no one can see us. So we wanted to open up our process to you. Drop the veil. Become naked so to speak. That’s why you’re invited to our sound production studios any time you like. So you want to join a session? No problem. Just call us and we’ll make the arrangements. So why is sound an important factor in the Creative process? It’s what lifts the sails – and gives your tour “life”. Our goal, from writing, translation, to sound design and mixing, is to captivate the imaginations of your visitors. There are several aspects to making this happen. Here, we’ll discuss a few of them. Professional Narration When it comes to delivering your tour, it’s important to work with the pros. Narration is a key component of delivering a great tour – not only do you want great voice(s), you want to get the inflections and tone right. You also want professional recording equipment, with no ambient noise, with crystal clear sound. During our Creative and Branding process, we provide you with several voice talent samples that we think will fit perfectly into your tour. Our pool of male and female voice talents is deep, and we’re tapping into the greatest resource on the planet – New York, New York. We work with only the best and that means you’re getting top notch talent – always. Additionally, we work with voice talents around the globe to address the unique requirements of a project. This includes Character Actors, Sound Alikes, and of course – narrators. Music For Sound We are tapped into the largest music libraries on the planet. If there’s a particular style of music you’re looking for, we can find it. All of our enhanced audio tours include music because it evokes images and emotional responses. Stories and music are key to captivating people’s imaginations. We understand the power of music. And what it means for your tour experiences. We spend a lot of time editing and mixing – to get it just right. That’s why we coined the term “cinematic audio tour experiences” for sightseeing back in 2006. And since then, we’ve seen some of our competitors jumping on our jargon and using it – which is just fine with us. We find it complementary. Sound Effects Sound effects help us to tell stories. We use sound effects to complete the experience – and to enhance it. There is a long history of sound effects in cinema and in television. Can you imagine watching Star Wars without the sound of the lightsaber? Sound effects are used for enhancement or can be created. Used at the right time, they’re vital to the way we tell stories. They can be anything from a creaking door to the sound of a raven’s call – which can set the tone and the mood for the experience. We’re always careful not to overdo it, placing sounds at just the right moment – to bring people to different times and places.
AudioConexus Inc. Company Business Activity
Activity IDActivity
517210Wireless Telecommunications Carriers (except Satellite)
334220Radio and Television Broadcasting and Wireless Communications Equipment Manufacturing
414440Sound Recording Wholesalers
417320Electronic Components, Navigational and Communications Equipment and Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors
512290Other Sound Recording Industries
541690Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services

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